Plant Paradox Lectin Free Shopping List – Starter Kit

New to living a ‘low-lectin’ lifestyle? With its somewhat controversial popularity rising, we knew we had to get the scoop on the Plant Paradox. Written by Dr. Steven Gundry, the well-written book reveals the science behind Dr. Gundry’s reasons for advising patients to avoid lectins.

If you’ve found this article you’re probably knee deep in ‘lectin-free’ food lists, recipes, and the lists of hard NOs you may be choosing to adapt to. That’s a great start, but what do you actually eat? Like… today.

We’ve got you covered with this lectin free starter kit shopping list!

BONUS: This list is also completely plant-based!

1. Tortillas (Cassava or coconut flour)

Did you think you’d have to give up tortillas to adopt a low lectin diet? Luckily, that’s not the case. I see tacos and burritos in your future! Pick up some cassava flour tortillas, or coconut flour tortillas.

Our top picks:

NUCO Organic Coconut Wraps Thrive Market Organic Coco Wraps Siete, Coconut Cassava Tortillas
lectin free shopping list - coconut tortillas lectin free shopping list - cassava tortillas

2. Nut Butters

Goodbye peanut butter, you sneaky legume. Hello walnut butter, pistachio butter (yum!), pecan butter, there’s even brazil nut butter(woah) and macadamia nut butter. Almond butter is typically a no for plant paradox, however, brands who use blanched almonds should be safe.

    Crazy Go Nuts         Walnut Butter     Carley’s Organic Raw Brazil Nut Butter Fiddyment Farms Pistachio Butter Pistachio Factory Raw Pistachio Butter
lectin free shopping list - walnut butter lectin free shopping list - walnut butter lectin free shopping list - pistachio butter lectin free shopping list - raw pistachio butter
Wilderness Poets Macadamia Butter   Vör Pure Macadamia Nut Butter     Georgia Grinders Pecan Butter Purely Pecans Sea Salt Pecan Butter
lectin free shopping list - macadamia butter lectin free shopping list - macadamia butter lectin free shopping list - pecan butter lectin free shopping list - pecan butter


3. Miracle “Shirataki” Noodles

There is such a thing as “Miracle Noodles” and they really are miraculous. “Shirataki” or konjac pasta is made of konjac flour and has basically 0 calories. Yes, you read that right, 0 calorie pasta (and it’s all natural)…. To add: These noodles are seriously affordable, and while they are almost flavorless by themselves, they REALLY take on the flavors of sauces and spices. These make an amazing replacement for beloved noodles.

 NOoodles Shirataki Noodles

Miracle Noodle Organic Shirataki Noodles Thrive Market Wonder Noodles

4. Pasta Sauce

When we learned that tomatoes contained lectins, we truly thought pasta sauce was going to be a thing of the past with plant paradox. I nervously contacted my favorite canned pasta sauce company to get the scoop. To my pleasure, Muir Glen uses peeled and seeded tomatoes for their sauce, so as long as there are no high-lectin ingredients, the pasta sauces are a go! Below are some staff favs.

Any pasta sauce company that uses peeled and seeded tomatoes may be ‘lectin-free,’ if you discover any more, please comment the names on this post so other readers can benefit!

Muir Glen Organic Pasta Sauce
lectin free shopping list - tomato sauce lectin free shopping list - tomato sauce lectin free shopping list - tomato sauce


5. Syrup (mmm) Image result for drooling emoji

First, we’re going sugar-free and all natural and it tastes so good. Lakanto’s maple-less ‘maple syrup‘ is free of sugar but full of taste. We love this one, especially if you’re looking to have something reminiscent of the true maple syrup you’re used to.

If you want to take it to the next level, try 100% pure Yacon syrup with your breakfast. Yacon syrup wouldn’t be our first choice as a ‘replacement’ to breakfast syrup. Rather, it has its own taste and offers health benefits we love. Dr. Oz describes the taste of Yacon syrup by saying If a fig married a prune, this is what it would taste like to me.” We agree, it’s also like molasses. Yacon syrup isn’t entirely sugar-free, but it is Plant Paradox approved. Try it next time on your low-lectin pancakes. Comment below and tell us how you’d describe the taste!

Lakanto Maple Flavored Monkfruit Syrup

Gold Source Labs Pure Yacon Syrup Nature Botanical Farms 100% Pure Yacon Syrup
lectin free shopping list - lakankto syrup lectin free shopping list - yacon syrup lectin free shopping list - yacon syrup


6. Flour

You’re going to need some pancakes to go with that delicious syrup. If you feel like doing any baking, get your hands on some of these amazing low-lectin flours right away. You can make still make pancakes and cookies all while keeping your ‘gut bugs’ happy.

The Plant Paradox ‘approved’ list features 11 relatively exotic flours for the average baker. However, when diving into lectin-free we quickly got acquainted with the new staples, coconut, (blanched) almond, cassava, and tapioca flour. Below are some favs from trusted brands.

Bob’s Red Mill Organic Coconut Flour     Anthony’s Organic Coconut Flour   
lectin free shopping list - coconut flour lectin free shopping list - coconut flour
  Anthony’s Organic Almond Flour (Blanched) Bob’s Red Mill Tapioca Flour
lectin free shopping list - blanched almond flour lectin free shopping list - tapioca flour
               Anthony’s Organic Cassava Flour               
lectin free shopping list - cassava flour


7. Sauces Baby

Soy Sauce? That is so two months ago. Now for a ‘Plant Paradox approved’ replacement… Coconut Aminos. In fact, grab some coconut garlic and teriyaki sauce while you’re at it! (perfect for tempeh)

Thrive Market Organic Coconut Aminos

Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos Coconut Secret Garlic Sauce Coconut Secret Teriyaki
lectin free shopping list - soy sauce coconut aminos lectin free shopping list - soy sauce coconut aminos lectin free shopping list - coconut garlic sauce lectin free shopping list - coconut teriyaki sauce


7. Flaxseeds

Next time you make pancakes, skip the eggs and make “flax eggs” for extra omega-3s and health benefits. Mix 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds with 3 tablespoons of water and refrigerate for about 10 minutes. Tip: Add some extra oil to the mix when using ‘flax-eggs’. Plant Paradox approved!

Spectrum Organic Whole Flaxseed

Spectrum Organic Ground Flaxseed

lectin free shopping list - flaxseeds omegas lectin free shopping list - flaxseeds omegas  

coffee grinder for flax seeds

Try using a coffee bean grinder for whole flaxseeds.

Tip: Buy whole flaxseeds and grind them in a coffee bean grinder to receive the maximum health benefits.

Click here for the one we use, it works great with flaxseeds.


8. Tempeh

Almost no soy. Plant-based friends, don’t despair, tempeh is still on the menu!  *Crowd cheers*  If you haven’t tried tempeh before, going low-lectin is a great reason to try it now. Make sure to pick up ‘grain free’ tempeh. Tempeh is easy to cook and flavor. We like it best when boiled for about 10 minutes in some veggie broth or spiced water and then cut into strips or chunks and cooked in a pan with olive oil, spices, and Coconut Dream garlic or teriyaki sauce… and don’t forget the coconut aminos! Pair with some cauliflower rice to create a delicious low-lectin dinner.

Lightlife Organic Original Tempeh

Yves Organic Original Tempeh

lectin free shopping list - tempeh  

Try with teriyaki or garlic saucelectin free shopping list - tempeh

9. Taco Shells

One word, Tacos. Shells. Everyone should be able to enjoy tacos if they want, even those who choose to partake in the Plant Paradox diet. Thanks to Siete, the dream of grain free taco shells is a reality. (Fill them with the jackfruit from #10 or some spiced cauliflower)


Siete Grain Free Taco Shells     
lectin free shopping list - taco shells


9. Jackfruit

Yes! One of the best things about trying lectin-free is discovering the versatile deliciousness of young jackfruit as an ingredient. There are so many recipes for this guilt-free sandwich (or taco) filler, we love it cooked & shredded with some low-lectin bbq sauce! Jackfruits are huge and it’s difficult to access the edible part of the fruit if you’re not used to handling them. Thankfully, there are some lovely companies who were willing to do it for us. Ah, convenience. 😌

Health Review Fairy’s recommendations:

Edward & Sons Organic Young Jackfruit

Native Forest Organic Young Jackfruit
lectin free shopping list - jackfruit lectin free shopping list - jackfruit


10. Lectin-Free Snacks

Remember cassava flour from #6? For many who adopt a variation of the lectin-free diet plan, cassava flour becomes a staple. It is a great replacement for wheat. Enter: Cassava flour tortilla chips and cassava flour snacks, hooray! More favorite Plant Paradox snacks are carrots, jicama, nuts, and nut butters + some of the treats below: Enjoy!

Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips Plant Snacks Cassava Flour Chips Simples Mills Crackers
lectin free shopping list - site tortilla chips lectin free shopping list - chips lectin free shopping list - crackers
Lakanto Monkfruit Chocolate Simple Mills Cookies Lily’s Chocolate
lectin free shopping list - lakanto chocolate lectin free shopping list - cookies lectin free shopping list - lily's chocolate


11. Coconut milk

Coconut milk is naturally creamy, decadent, and sweet. Add it to anything you bake for extra richness and good fats. Not all coconut milk is created equally, the kind in cartons can often have added ingredients including sugars, Dr. Gundry personally recommended So Delicous brand, we love and trust Native Forest’s unsweetend coconut milk (this is the purest we’ve found, apart from making your own!


Native Forest Organic Coconut Milk

Native Forest Organic Young Jackfruit
lectin free shopping list - coconut milk lectin free shopping list - coconut milk



12. Eden Organic Beans

Um, Beans?.. Yes! Those aiming to avoid lectins can indulge in beans which have been properly soaked and pressure cooked. You can do this at home yourself and cook up some amazing meals, but for quick recipes, hummus or chickpea salad, it is so good to be able to buy pressure cooked beans. These come in BPA-free cans, thank you Eden Foods! Eden beans make it possible to easily use beans in recipes whenever you desire and a re a low-lectin must have if you like beans.

Eden Organic Chickpeas

Eden Organic Black Beans

Eden Organic Pinto Beans

lectin free shopping list - eden beans chickpeas lectin free shopping list - eden black beans lectin free shopping list - eden pinto beans


13. Oils

Did you say high fat? A high-fat diet can be very healthy. While going lectin-free, ditch the butter and go for butter flavored coconut oil instead. It makes for very decadent desserts and crispy, flavorful, entrees. Two other favorites are the classic extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil.

Butter Flavored Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chosen Food Avocado Oil

lectin free shopping list - butter coconut oil lectin free shopping list - olive oil lectin free shopping list - avocado oil


Thanks for reading! We hope you have received lots of value from our plant paradox lectin-free shopping list, please comment on this pag if you discover any additions we need to add to the list, or your lectin-free tips, experiences, and recipes.

Holistic 28 Day Hormone Balancing Plan (Made by A Dr) | Balance Hormones Naturally

Natural Female Hormone Balance Program

Natural Female Hormone Balancing Program

Have you been struggling with health issues like hormone imbalance, chronic fatigue, autoimmune deficiencies, period problems, hot flashes, fertility challenges or inflammation?

If you answered yes to any of those then your body needs a proven, customizable solution powerful enough to reverse these issues.

Finally, there’s a way to easily balance your hormones and body that will help you achieve some major milestones for your health so you can live YOUR BEST LIFE NOW.

The biggest challenge women have with making diet changes for their hormones is simply knowing where to start, how to plan ahead, what to eat and buy, and how to reintroduce foods over time. Dr Stephanie has distilled her 15 years of expertise and clinical practice into this simple, step-by-step course.  All you need to do is follow along and it provides the level of support you need to meet your goals. Period.

I’m honored to introduce you to Dr Stephanie Zgraggen’s 28 Day Hormone Reset Detox Program, its Health Review Fairy approved! 

Do You Need Hormone Balancing?


Difficulty with sleep Thyroid Malfunction Heavy periods
Low energy Gallbladder disease Tender breasts
Face or body acne Thinning hair on head Infertility
Low labido Diarrhea/contipation Painful cramps/PMS
Ovarian or Breast cysts Irritability Hot flashes
Hair growth on face, chin, or body Skin unevenness/darkening Weight gain


It’s the exact step-by-step system that hundreds of her patients have used to gently yet effectively clean out their bodies, giving them a nice reset with more energy, more mental clarity, improved hormonal balance, and increased motivation for LIFE.

The 28 Hormone Reset Detox is an online PROGRAM, not a quick fix, or just a downloadable pamphlet so expect WAY more support and resources than you’d get with any other program.

Dr Stephanie’s program includes everything you need to detox your body gently and get your hormones back on track including:

  • Hormone Detox E-Guide – 90+ page e-guide of simple information on what exactly a detox is (and what it’s not) from a doctor’s perspective.
  • Detox Food Guide – Easy-to-follow food guide on what to eat and what to avoid on the detox (and why!)
  • Meal Plans & Recipes – Make success easy by following my recipes that will save you time without compromising nutrition or taste!
  • Detox Shopping List – Print it out and take it to the store with you. You’ll know exactly what to get and save a whole lot of time doing it.
  • Toxicity Quiz – Take my quiz and find out how many symptoms you have from toxins in your body.
  • Detox Daily Journal – Record your experience and track how you are feeling every day along with your food and mood.
  • Detox Enhancers & Tips – Simple, and effective daily rituals to support your body’s natural detox systems.
  • Supplement Guide – Specific doctor-suggested nutritional supplements in order to boost your detox,
  • Step by Step Learning – 6 Modules will walk you through the program step by step along with associated worksheets and handouts to keep you on track.
  • Video Tutorials – 3+ hours of videos along with downloadable audio, transcripts and slide decks to make your life easier and to assist with your learning.
  • Post Program Guide – Post program evaluation includes measurements, questionnaires, food reintroduction and new goal setting for your health.
  • Food Reintroduction – This guide will help you understand and track which foods are causing you to feel run down, irritable, or unwell.
  • FAQs – FAQs from my past patients so that you never feel stuck or unsure– I answer the questions you try to google answers for.
  • Detox Meditation – Join spiritual mentor, Jean Atman, as she guides you through a detox meditation developed specifically to help you with this program.
  • Expert Audio Interviews – I’ve included interviews with my favorite people in the holistic health community to assist you on your detox journey.
  • Private Facebook Group – Join our private Facebook group to connect with like-minded women for accountability and support.


  • Quick Start Video
  • Bonus Expert Audio Interviews
  • Access to Dr. Stephanie’s Insiders Club Private Facebook Group

The greatest benefit to this program is that it gives you MORE than you might have signed up for. Yes, many women jump on board to lose weight; but balancing hormones, banishing brain fog, being ACCOUNTABLE, receiving online support, and learning how to reintroduce foods properly is absolutely priceless.

And don’t forget about the 30 day money back guarantee that Dr Z gives you to give the program a whirl…

Nuts right!?

What more could you want?  We give the 28 Day Hormone Reset Detox Program a big THUMBS UP!

Click here for the 28 Day Hormone Reset Detox Program, a gentle, guided program designed to support your body’s natural ability to balance hormones, so you can look and feel incredible!


Thank you for reading!


Next, check out our detailed review of the Yoga Burn program.



Benefits of Upward Tree Pose or “Urdhva Vrikshasana”

“Stand erects on the left leg, bend the right leg and place the right foot on the root of right thigh. Maintain the pose like as a tree on the ground. This is called vriksha-asana,” [8] as Gheranda-samhita II so eloquently put it, describing the “more difficult” version of our Upward Tree Pose. It’s one thing to do breathing exercises and a stretching yoga pose like the Crescent, to help you relax and limber up. But eventually, if you are serious about developing a general level of tone and fitness, you’ll need to move on to yoga postures that start to stretch you. Work up bit by bit to the more difficult poses. And the Palm Tree may be your next step. This yoga pose has a long list of benefits [6].  While these poses, such as the tree pose, are considered and experienced as being more difficult to do, findings from the National Center of Biotechnology Information [3suggest that “common, long-held conceptions about pose modifications can be counter-intuitive. There was no difference between the intermediate and advanced Tree variations regarding hip and knee JMOFs in both the sagittal and frontal planes,” indicating that these more difficult poses don’t actually cause more strain on our bodies.

[5] Many times when people think of yoga, Tree Pose (Vrksasana in Sanskrit) is one of the first poses that pops into their heads.

There are two slightly different versions of this pose, one with your arms loose and flowing, and the other with them stretched and taut. You may start with the easier one and work toward the harder, or do the harder one first and then relax with the less strenuous form. One of the [4] surprising benefits is not only leg and ankle and hip, but groin strengthening. If you want to push just a bit, begin by doing the Palm Tree with your fingers locked.

Beginner Benefits of Standing Tree Pose




Stand straight with your feet hip distance apart. Interlock your fingers together and then stretch your arms outward and upward, turning your palms toward the ceiling. Lift onto your toes, stretching the palms upward and stretching every part of your body. Hold for a few seconds, and come back down and lower your arms slowly. Repeat this process three or four times. And after you’re proficient, you add a step or two forward, which will help you develop grace and balance. For those with less balance skills, [2] the tree pose can be modified in several different ways. 

For the more relaxed version, stand as before, but lift your arms separately above your head, relaxing the shoulders. Wave your arms back and forth together, like a swaying palm tree. Keep the rest of your body straight, with only your shoulders and arms relaxing and moving.

Doing the more rigid version of the Palm Tree will help your posture and even assist your digestive system. The more flowing version will release tension in your upper body. Doing sets of both versions will do all of these things and infuse you with a great sense of well-being.

Standing Tree Pose (Urdhva Vrikshasana) Long Term Intentions & Benefits

Yoga positions can be very complex. If you are a beginner, this should not intimidate you because there are poses that will help you strengthen your body and make you more flexible before moving to the complex poses. Here we will be discussing a few beginning yoga poses commonly taught to students new to the art and fascinating world of yoga.

Trees offer a beautifully symbolic model. “Back in 2012, [7] forest ecologist Suzanne Simard of the University of British Columbia discovered that trees and plants communicate and share resources with one another via an underground web of fungi, helping one another thrive to the best of their ability.[1]” 

Malasana- Also called the garland pose, Malasana is best done if your purpose is to strengthen the hips and the groin. The Garland pose is no more than squatting. However, there are key positions that need to be done right to ensure maximized benefit for this position.

To do this, let the soles of the feet lie flatly on the floor. Bring your buttocks slowly down but do not let them touch the floor. It is like sitting on an imaginary stool. The legs and knees should be wide apart and the toes should be pointing in a diagonal angle. This means that your toes should not be pointing straight or sideways. The upper arms should be under the knees and the palms of the hands put together as if in prayer. The forehead should be straight and not pointing upward. Relax the entire body, particularly the spine, and breathe in and out.

Tadasana- The second of the most commonly used beginning yoga for health poses is also called the Mountain Pose. This is a standing pose used to transition from seating poses to complex poses. What this does is to improve the body’s posture, relieve back pain, and strengthen the feet and thighs.

To do this, stand up straight with the big toes touching each other. The toes should be parallel, not pointing at each other. Let all the toes fan out and lift them. After fanning the toes out, drop them on the floor. Create a space between the feet if necessary so your ankles do not bump each other or else you will be out of balance. Imagine yourself as a tree. The feet should be rooted firmly on the floor.

Draw your belly inward while inhaling and draw the shoulders back. Although this position may seem silly because you are just standing, the key here is aligning the body parts together, which is really hard work because we rarely do this under normal circumstances.

Urdhva Hastasana

The last of the beginning yoga poses we will teach you is the Raised Hands Pose. This is a good transition from the previous pose which will help you strengthen your shoulders.

From the previous position, bring your hands up and raise your hands high, as if reaching for something. Press the palms together and keep the arms straight; your elbows should not bend. Raise your head and look at the thumbs. The shoulder blades should be relaxed down and drawn back. It is important to keep this alignment to make it work. Inhale and exhale.

In maintaining a healthy lifestyle, these yoga poses are important. If you do not master these poses, you will have difficulty shifting to other complex poses. Also think of these poses as your resting poses. If you advance to the intermediate level of yoga, you can always go back to these poses to rest for a few minutes then resume. The more difficult levels of yoga can also have a more profound affect on weight loss and maintenance. 

Aaron Matthew Ang is a seasoned web content writer with seven years of experience. He writes in all niches and practically all topics under the sun. To date, he has written more than 1000 combined articles and eBooks for various niches.

References & Sources

[1] What I Learned From Falling Out of Tree Pose

[2] Ways to Safely Modify Tree Pose

[3] National Center of Biotechnology Information “The Physical Demands of the Tree (Vriksasana) and One-Leg Balance (Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana) Poses Performed by Seniors: A Biomechanical Examination”,

[4] The Tree Pose – Yoga With Dr. Weil

[5] How to Do Tree Pose (Vrksasana) – Instructions & Benefits – The Fitness Tribe

[6] Vrikshasana (Tree Pose Yoga) Steps, Health Benefits and Precautions

[7] Trees Communicate | Ecology Global Network

Tree Pose – Vrksasana – Yoga With Adrienne on Youtube



Do You Need Huel? “Powerfully Plant Based” – 2019 Full Review

At HealthReviewFairy, we receive many requests from our community to review products. It takes time for us to research/review products and programs, but if you’ve found this page, it means we are currently writing our “Huel Review

Click here to shop Huel on Amazon & see customer reviews

Please check back soon. In the meantime, join our e-mail list to stay up-to-date.

hull review hrf

TestRX Review

At Health Review Fairy, we make it easy for you to choose the best health & fitness products for your unique needs.

If you are looking for a bodybuilding supplement that is 100% natural and produces no negative side effects, look no further! Your search ends here with TestRX. TestRX contains natural ingredients that can enhance muscle growth, help you get rid of unwanted body fat, gain more energy, improve your sex drive and boosts your body’s testosterone production (phew!). As if that weren’t enough, TestRX is said to improve your overall immune system health.

You may be stunned to learn that most men who are 30 years of age and over from all around the world are plagued with and frustrated by low testosterone levels and the issues that come with that. If you are experiencing any of that, you are not alone. We are here to support you. For many, the TestRX supplement is the solution to the problem. You may be amazed to learn that you can boost your testosterone levels naturally and risk-free in the form of TestRX. We were certainly stunned to come across this ourselves.

Many users have tried this remarkable supplement and have reported great results with their bodies and experienced no unwanted side effects. If you are curious as to whether TestRX can work for you, test the supplement for yourself, and in a matter of weeks, you may just have that perfect beach body that would make any woman fall for you. If you do decide to try it, please let us know about your experience!

Without further ado, we present to you our full review on TestRX. Read on until the end to get the most informed knowledge about this ‘miracle’ bodybuilding supplement.

What is TestRX?

TestRX is a natural bodybuilding supplement specially formulated by Leading Edge Health based in Tennessee, USA, that aims to boost the level of natural testosterone in men. They have used natural ingredients including ZMA, vitamin D3, magnesium, and D-Aspartic acid which helps to strengthen bones, stimulate muscle growth, boost energy and increase testosterone levels naturally. There are various ways to increase testosterone, but there are very few that work safely and naturally. TestRX is not in the steroid family, rather it is a completely natural muscle boosting supplement promoting natural hormonal growth in men. With the natural ingredients present in TestRX, you don’t need to worry about any negative side effects, unlike steroids which are known to be harmful to your health. It is a natural way of stimulating your testosterone production with absolutely no adverse effects. TestRX is totally drug-free and wholly harmless and used by many bodybuilding enthusiasts from all parts of the world.

Who can use TestRX?

Approacing age 30 and above, most men start experiencing symptoms associated with low testosterone levels which can profoundly affect manhood and self-esteem. With the gradual decline in testosterone levels, you may suffer from depression, poor sleep, loss of memory, fatigue, a decrease in muscle development, a significant increase in weight, and/or lower sex drive. Some men who have become particularly frustrated resort to desperate measures like ‘artificial testosterone therapy’ to overcome their issues. Such steroids affect the body negatively and can pose serious health risks in the long run. Instead, it is highly recommended to take the natural route when it comes to alleviating these types of concerns. TestRX was specially designed to be a natural and forthcoming supplement to aid men going through these complex issues by offering them a solution which will not bring unwanted side affects with it.

What are the features of TestRX?

TestRX is a powerful men’s health supplement that contains multiple features meant for elevating your testosterone levels. The main features of TestRX are as follows:

  • Enhance muscle growth – The TestRX supplement will help in increasing your testosterone levels and therefor encourage protein synthesis which is essential in building up muscles.
  • Increase energy level – Reviewers reported feeling more energized and stronger during workout sessions as their testosterone levels increased with the help of TestRX.
  • Strengthen bones – Your bone structure can become significantly stronger and sturdier. This is beneficial for avoiding bone fractures when lifting heavy weights at the gym.
  • Burn unwanted fats to achieve healthy weight loss – With the help of TestRX in conjunction with a regular workout routine users have reported naturally shedding excess fats revealing a more fit and healthy body.
  • Fast recovery – TestRX helps you to recover faster after intense workouts so you can get back to building muscle sooner, creating better results overall.
  • Improves erections and increase virility – The TestRX supplement helps in improving erections and increases sexual drive in men by improving testosterone production and blood flow.
  • Improves sleep – With the increase in testosterone production through the use of TestRX, you can experience better quality sleep which can help you be more focused and energized during the day.
  • Mood improvement – Low testosterone levels is one of the many reasons for triggering depression and stress in men. TestRX helps in elevating the testosterone levels often resulting in a better mood.

What are the ingredients used in TestRX?

TestRX contains natural ingredients tested and approved by scientists. The lists of components making up the TestRX supplement are as follows:

Tribulus Terrestris: Commonly known as the “Testosterone Creator,” this ingredient present in TestRX acts as an efficient testosterone booster. It effectively stimulates your body’s production and release of testosterone which is beneficial for your overall health. If you are in the market to buy any testosterone booster, this ingredient is the first thing to look for when determining the quality.

Tribulus Alatus: This component is also known as “Testosterone Utilizer.”  While similar to the Tribulus Terrestris, this ingredient helps in optimizing testosterone production in your body.

Fenugreek: Also known as the “Libido Booster­­,” science has proven that fenugreek helps in boosting your libido. This ingredient also helps improve your energy levels for better performance in bed.

Tongkat Ali: This is one of the most potent ingredients present in the TestRX formula. Also called the “Malaysian Viagra,” this natural ingredient can boost the testosterone levels up to 40%.

Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 acts efficiently as a “Bone Strengthener” which can prevent bone fracture accidents during workouts.

Brassica Campestris: This component is also known as the “Prostate Protector” which can protect you from the risk of prostate disease. Additionally, it can help in maintaining proper functioning of your prostate. This is a wonderful benefit for men age 30 and more.

Ashwagandha: This ingredient is a great “Mood Enhancer,” not to mention, an immunity booster.  Low testosterone levels have close links with depression, and this component can help improve mood naturally, helping to decrease anxieties.

Agaricus bisporus: This natural ingredient can be called the “Immune Booster.” It acts to improve your immune system to keep you fit and healthy.

How does TestRX work?

TestRX works as a natural testosterone booster in men without producing any harmful side effects. The ingredients present in TestRX have been shown to be effective in developing stronger and bigger muscles, increasing energy levels, losing excess body fats, creating an increase in libido, stamina, and faster recovery after extrenuating exercise. This effective supplement works by increasing testosterone production and speeding up protein synthesis (essential for muscle building). The ingredients found in TestRX cause the body to produce more testosterone naturally, needed for your body to build muscle, have better athletic abilities, boosts in sex drive and loss of unwanted fats. Through a detailed study of TestRX conducted on NCAA football players, the researchers found that this powerful combination of ingredients ‘significantly’ increased testosterone production and HGH after seven weeks of use.

How should TestRX supplement be consumed?

We love that this supplement is completely natural. Its recommended to take TestRX pills twice a day with a glass of water; preferably one in the morning and the other in the evening before or after a meal. Always take in lots of water. You can expect to experience improved energy levels and gain more stamina within four weeks. You are very likely to encounter noticeable results anywhere from one to three months based on reviews. To achieve a longer lasting effect, take the supplements for continuous three months.

Overall progress chart and ratings of Test RX:

  • Testosterone boosting level – 9.7 /10
  • Energy boosting level – 9.5 /10
  • Mood improvement – 9.4 / 10
  • A boost in sex drive – 9.3 / 10
  • Overall effectiveness – 9.3 / 10

The Pros and Cons of TestRX:

Title Here


  • TestRX contains natural ingredients proven to work effectively. It is 100% natural.
  • No negative side effects have been reported
  • Reviews note increase in energy and stronger bone structure
  • Increases sexual energy and libido
  • 60-day money back guarantee*
  • Massive discount when you buy in bulk (through this link)
  • Highly positively reviewed
  • Trusted brand


  • This supplement is only intended to be taken by men


How safe is TestRX?

TestRX is a safe product made from natural ingredients which are approved and clinically tested by reputable scientist. ✅ It is not a steroid, and the ingredients contain no harmful drugs or chemicals that could cause an unpleasant reaction in your body. TestRX is the safest bodybuilding supplement to help with testosterone production. Many users have benefitted significantly from use of this product and have shared their positive reviews and feedback. There have been no negative side affects reported, as is typical with all natural supplements (one of the reasons we love them so much).

If you are still skeptical about the product, we encourage you consult your Doctor and proceed as directed. Unless you are suffering from specific health issues, you can take TestRX and see how it works for you. With the 60-day guarantee, its a no-brainer. Once again, its important to note that this supplement is a 100% natural testosterone booster which has shown to be effective for many users. Furthermore, this popular bodybuilding supplement is manufactured by certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), a facility in North America that follows strict safety and food regulations.

Where to buy TestRX

TestRX is available for purchase from the Leading Edge Health particular website. It is much safer and even better as you can avail huge discounts on bulk purchase and protected by 60 days cash back guarantee. Majority of the TestRX users purchase the product and found it to be genuine and useful as a healthy supplement. Join the community of satisfied users and order today if you want a body like that of a professional bodybuilder.

Your order will process within 48 hours from ordering and will be shipped in 2 to 3 days if you are from USA and 7 to 10 days if you prefer the package to be sent by mail. For people living outside the USA, you will have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks and pay any future taxes. If you purchase TestRX in large quantity, you will get it at a significant discount and will eventually save the cost of your shipping charges.

Get in touch with the Leading Edge Health professional staffs for any queries regarding your order status. They will ensure that your package will be delivered safely in good condition to your shipping address. If you wish to return the product, they offer a 60 days money back guarantee excluding the shipping and handling charges. Leading Edge Health is renowned for its efficient customer service and is available from 6 AM till 10 PM Monday to Friday. Leading Edge Health has won a BBB (Better Business Bureau) award for their outstanding customer services.

Why wait? Click to order TestRX™ with the highest discounts already applied at checkout. You will not regret trying it out.

One bottle is a 1-month supply containing 60 capsules.

One bottle: $69.95

2 bottles: $129.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $10.00

3 bottles: $179.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $30.00

4 bottles: $239.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $40.00

5 bottles: $299.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $50.00

6 bottles: $339.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $80.00 (FREE Shipping & Handling)


There are many testosterone supplements available in the market but nothing like the TestRX. It is unique and effective on its own, in that it is natural and free from any dangerous chemicals. It is a wonder of science and the pride and joy of Leading Edge Health.  TestRX magical formula provides your muscles with HGH and testosterone production which are essentially important for developing efficient muscle growth and increased energy level in men. This wonder supplement made from natural ingredients is not only meant for bodybuilding enthusiasts but also for older men alike who needs more vigor and strength as they age.

TestRX is the answer to achieving high testosterone levels in men. The more the testosterone, the healthier and energized you become. You will enjoy the astounding results this miracle supplement has to offer. You will notice a drastic increase in muscle mass within a month and can speed up your recovery after extensive training at the gym. Your libido will increase, and you will last longer in bed. All these are possible with TestRX supplement.

If you require a boost for your testosterone level naturally that can guarantee big and hard muscles, healthy bones and promote your energy level without the fear of any possible side effects, TestRX is what you need. Try TestRX for yourself. You can never go wrong with this remarkable and 100% natural bodybuilding supplement. Avoid the artificial shortcut in the form of steroids. Do it the natural way with TestRX.

Click here to order directly from the supplier with the highest discounts already applied.


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GenF20 Plus Review (UPDATED 2019)

GenF20 Plus Review


At Health Review Fairy we are committed to reviewing a diverse variety of products to meet the needs of our vast and varied family of readers. Today we are investigating Genf20 Plus. Rated as the No.1 HGH (Human Growth Hormone) releaser, the GenF20 Plus is the most popular natural supplement for anti-aging. As you age, the production of growth hormones in your body drastically reduces. This ultimately makes you look and feel old. If you want to mitigate this old look and feel, GenF20 Plus is your solution.


Review Summary

With clinically proven benefits, the GenF20 Plus truly delivers what it promises. This product has nothing to do with the much-criticized synthetic HGH whose administration into the body is carried out through injection. Instead, the GenF20 Plus, with its beneficial natural ingredients, stimulates the body to produce HGH naturally. With high HGH, you will look and feel healthy and young.


Using GenF20 Plus helps in diminishing wrinkles and age spots, improving memory, producing more energy, speeding up your body’s metabolism, creating new muscles, weight loss, strengthening your bones, heart, and kidney, getting better sleep, and even in improving your sex life!


The manufacturer of GenF20 Plus has been in the business for more than a decade. So, they know what product they’re promoting. There are no side-effects to GenF20 Plus, and it is a safe and legitimate anti-aging product.


Table of Content:

·      What is HGH?

·      Why do you need HGH?

·      Dangers of synthetic HGH

·      The science behind GenF20 Plus

·      GenF20 Plus features and usage

·      The ingredients

·      Is GenF20 Plus safe?

·      Benefits of GenF20 Plus

·      Are there any disadvantages with GenF20 Plus?

·      Conclusion



What is HGH?

Since the GenF20 Plus stimulates the body to produce HGH naturally, it is essential to know what HGH is. For this purpose, it is enough to know that the pituitary gland releases this hormone. The location of this gland is at the base of the brain and the hormone released is responsible for cellular regeneration and growth.


The presence of a healthy amount of HGH has many positive chain reactions to the body. It helps in stimulating various other secretions such as IGF-1 from the liver which helps in delivering HGH throughout the body.


The HGH, therefore, helps in regulating body fluids, sugar and fat metabolism, bone and muscle growth, height, skin condition, and overall body composition. In simple words, this hormone gives vitality and energy to the body that is crucial for the overall maintenance of the body.


Why do you need HGH?

Science has shown that as the human body hits the thirty years benchmark, the HGH level starts to decline. This decline in HGH brings with it various sorts of problems to the human body. The most prominent include wrinkles, less energy and stamina, weight gain, less sexual drive, and loss of original hair color amongst others. Of course, you can try to increase the HGH without taking any HGH releaser through regular exercise, proper sleep, and nutrition. But as the body ages, its mechanism is not strong and capable enough to produce an ample amount of HGH as it used to during your twenties.


Therefore, the short answer would be that if you want to look young and feel active and energetic, you need a high amount of HGH.


Dangers of synthetic HGH

Back in the days, it was only the rich and famous who could afford this type of HGH. For this type of supplement, the body receives the synthetic HGH through direct injection. However, studies have indicated that the use of synthetic HGH can have devastating long-term effects on your body, even to the extent of causing deaths if administered improperly.


Besides being expensive, it is not recommended to use synthetic HGH for anti-aging treatments. Its purpose is only limited to medical uses on the advice of specialist doctors for specific needs of your body.


The science behind GenF20 Plus

First, if we compare GenF20 Plus to synthetic HGH, the difference is the polar opposite. GenF20 Plus does not contain any HGH. It only includes a number of amino acids and natural ingredients which when taken into the body stimulates the body, specifically the pituitary gland, to produce HGH naturally. Therefore, it is primarily known as HGH releaser.


When you take GenF20 Plus, the ingredients are not broken down by stomach acid, but enter the small intestine; this is because the tablets are enteric coated. This allows maximum absorption by the body when the ingredients are broken down and processed.


Consumers generally want instant results out of everything especially when it comes to anti-aging. But this is not ideally a reasonable expectation. You need to give time to let the ingredients get adjusted to your body. Anything that gives you immediate results is too strong for the body or skin as they are manufactured using unethical and unscientific procedures, and they will hurt your body or skin in the long run. That is not the case with GenF20 Plus. Its ingredients consist of natural nutrients and amino acids which are scientifically proven to stimulate the pituitary gland. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect instant results in like a week or two.


Clinical studies have shown that GenF20 Plus does help in stimulating the gland to produce more HGH. The studies also indicated that it was more effective for individuals above the age of 40. The studies were carried out over a span of three months, and the findings were that more extended usage of GenF20 Plus would result in more benefits such as reduction in body fats, increase in muscle mass, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, and increase in bone density.


GenF20 Plus features and usage

The product comes with a separate tablet and sprays packages which are meant to complement one another. The spray contains ingredients which are not there in the pills. So, the spray is intended to supplement the tablets, for which reason the recommendation is to use a daily dosage of both variants for optimum effect. The best part of GenF20 Plus is that you need not require a doctor’s prescription to use it and there are no unpleasant side effects.


Compared to the synthetic HGH, the GenF20 Plus is much more cost efficient. While the synthetic HGH can run your bills to thousands of dollars, GenF20 Plus will only cost you less or more than one hundred dollars depending on the quantity of purchase.


Is GenF20 Plus safe?

If you visit the website of GenF20 Plus, you will first notice that the manufacturers are offering a 60 days money back guarantee. This speaks volume about the confidence they have in their product.


Apart from that, professionals and doctors in scientific and medical journals have vouched for GenF20 Plus as the safest HGH releaser. And till date, there is no evidence whatsoever to show that GenF20 Plus has any adverse impact on the body.


The ingredients

While it may not be necessary to go into the details of all the ingredients, it is vital for you to be aware as a consumer. This is because there are so many anti-aging products out there in the market that can easily deceive consumers by promising the moon and the stars. That is not the case with GenF20 Plus. They only promise that the ingredients in their product will help in releasing HGH, and that is precisely what the ingredient does. The rest is left to the body to secrete the juices necessary for a healthy life.


Amongst the other entire ingredients, the GenF20 Plus comes with a substantial content of essential amino acids like Arginine, Glutamine, Glycine, Tyrosine, and Lycine that are extremely important for the body. Bodybuilding supplements also use these amino acids. But GenF20 Plus has other beneficial natural nutrients as well, which when combined together acts to perfectly stimulate the anterior pituitary glands for ample production of HGH.


Benefits of GenF20 Plus

Countless users’ testimonials have shown that GenF20 Plus really delivers what it promises. The only thing is that you need a prolonged use to see the real benefits instead of only using it for a week or two and unfairly criticizing the product. Some of the best results GenF20 Plus produces to your body are:


  • Weight loss and increased muscle mass: With a daily dose of GenF20 Plus and some light routine exercises, you will notice how this product allows the body to break down those fat cells more effectively. Ultimately, this enables aging individuals to gain more lean muscle mass enabling you to feel young and stay strong. Thus, the benefits are felt more while exercising regularly.
  • Smooth skin: No other anti-aging cosmetics like face cream comes close to the benefits provided by GenF20 Plus. While these cosmetics work from the outside, GenF20 Plus works from inside the body which significantly increases its effectiveness on the skin by firming it. This leads to a visible reduction in crow’s feet, wrinkles, and fine lines.
  • More energy and stamina: Regular dosage of GenF20 Plus makes you feel more energetic like you used to be in your teens and early twenties. This clearly shows an increase in HGH levels. You can have more productive days without feeling tired really quickly.
  • Hair growth and hair color: Healthy production of HGH stimulated by GenF20 Plus deliver visible improvement in hair growth. This result becomes even more noticeable on adults who have hit the stage of balding. With a natural increase in hair growth, GenF20 Plus also reduces greying of hair and replenishes it with better color making you look more fresh and lively.
  • Strong immunity: As one grows older, we often tend to fall sick even from a slight exposure to change in weather. GenF20 Plus strengthens your immune system by making your body fight the bacteria and virus as it used to when you were young and energetic.
  • Better sleep and mood: While not everyone may have issues with sleeping well, for those who are aging and find it difficult to get a good night’s rest, one of the many benefits of GenF20 Plus is it allows you to sleep much better. Getting better sleep means you’ll be in a far better mood while dealing with people.
  • Decreased stress, anxiety, and blood pressure: All these problems (stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure) are co-related and increases as we age. With GenF20 Plus, the hormones produced by your body allow you to stay more calm, focussed, and secure. This decreases stress and anxiety. Naturally, this leads to stabilization of your high blood pressure.
  • Reduced risk of stroke and heart attack: With a regular and recommended dosage of GenF20 Plus, there is healthy production of high-density lipoprotein which aids in reducing the chances of stroke and heart attack through a reduction in cholesterol levels.
  • Greater vigor for sex: HGH is also responsible for sexual drive and stamina. As one grows older, the drive for sex decreases with a decrease in HGH levels. So quite naturally, with an increase in HGH levels, you can feel that your sex drive is back.
  • Improved vision: HGH also plays a role in maintaining your vision. An increase in HGH levels will help you with clearer and healthier vision.


As you can see now, the benefits of GenF20 Plus are phenomenal. With this product, you can avoid all your other anti-aging cosmetics which are constantly burning holes in your pocket. These cosmetics only work from the outside and hardly penetrate into the skin cells where it matters most. As you know very well the phrase “you are what you eat” GenF20 Plus is the perfect embodiment of this phrase.


Are there any disadvantages with GenF20 Plus?

As already stated above, since GenF20 Plus works by stimulating the body to produce HGH naturally, it does take some time to kick-start the engine in the body. You may want to try the product for at least a month to see the first positive signs. The early signs will, of course, depend from person to person. But generally, you will start getting better sleep and feel more energetic as your energy and stamina builds. So, don’t expect an overnight change.


Also, no retail stores are selling this product, but only through the website of GenF20 Plus, you can purchase. So, yes, your waiting period will depend on your geographical location.


Since all human bodies differ from one person to another, the product may cause come initial stomach ache or nausea. But, this should not worry you as it is only because the body is starting to adjust and respond to the supplement.



You may have come across other HGH releasers in the market. However, none of them are as reliable as GenF20 Plus. The manufacturers have been testing their product for quite a long time, and they know what they are doing. When specialist doctors are recommending the GenF20 Plus not only for anti-aging but also for overall health performance, why would you go for another HGH releaser?


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VigRX Plus Review (Updated 2019)

VIGR Plus 2019 Review: The Fabled Number 1 Enhancement Pill

Two extremely frustrating problems that a man can face with regard to getting laid: erection doesn’t kick in, and/or it doesn’t last. Not to worry, HRF to the rescue with another review. Now you might think of going for an enhancement pill… if you are, you want to make sure of a few things. You want to be exposed to steroids at minimal to 0 percentages, you want proven results, plus you want to feel great during and after sex. So, that brings us to the VigRX Plus enhancement pills. These are the very famous and well-known pills that seems to be quite popular among gentlemen for the noticeable changes it brings in guys with erectile dysfunction, they offer a 67-day money back guarantee just in case the results aren’t to your liking. And of course, you want to make sure you use these pills are safe. VIGR Plus is made of natural ingredients that have been used for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual energy and every problem you might find when you are on the bed for ages. You know at Health Review Fairy, we want healthy, natural, results. VigRX is an approved choice.

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VIGRX Plus: A natural remedy to problems

VIGRX Plus is what some would call a breakthrough. They say that expensive things are worth the purchase, and VIGRX certainly can cost you a tad bit more than the opposing competitions. But whatever it is, the real Question is, how long, and how big? That is the core purpose of every male enhancement pills is to make sure that their boys can last longer and have better performance. VIGRX promises all that, plus if you aren’t satisfied, you will also get your money back. It has essentially taken the market by storm and is quite popular among the gents, but what makes this better than the others? Let’s find out.

So if you have poor performance in bed and the ladies just don’t seem to be enjoying with you, you might have a problem. Whether it is erectile dysfunction or just lack of efficiency in lasting, male enhancement pills like Viagra and VIGRX are sought after by many insecure men.

Why is this so popular?

VIGRX Plus is a medically approved enhancement pill that not only helps you get a stronger erection, but it also makes sure you last long all the while increasing your Libido or your money back. Look at the confidence in that sentence. Don’t expect an immediate bulge, however. It takes weeks to show results and depending on the kind of man, the results may vary. According to tests conducted, the participants began seeing results within and before eighty-four days.

The results and changes include:

  • An Increase of in penetration ability (58.97%)
  • An increase for erection maintenance for longer durations (62.72%)
  • An increase in satisfaction sexually (71.43%)
  • An increase of Libido and overall sexual drive (47.00%)
  • An increase of orgasmic quality and frequency (22.49%)

VIGRX Plus has been backed up by medical research and has also been validated by men’s health experts and general doctors.

How does it Work?

It is a well-known fact that all male enhancement pills have only one purpose: to help men get an erection and have a pleasant sexual experience. There are many individuals who also have medical conditions that prevent them from having a full erection. If you are not having a proper erection, or that you don’t have erections as you had in days past, you might have a problem with the blood flow in your private area. Either that or your erectile muscles are not expanding properly.

VIGR plus is designed to tackle both these problems, using combinations of ingredients to not only fix and enlarge an erection but also to help increase your sex drive, also known as your Libido.

Experimental results

Three patients with erectile dysfunction had the opportunity to try out the 67-day challenge of VigRX Plus on the categories:

  1. Sexual satisfaction
  2. Penetration
  3. Sex drive
  4. Maintenance of erection
  5. Orgasm qualities

The task was simple: take the pills daily and rate the results out of ten. After taking VigRX Plus for 67 days, here’s what they had to say about VigRX Plus:

Patients Sexual Satisfaction Penetration Sex Drive Maintenance of Erection Orgasm Quality
Joshua 9.1/10 8.5/10 7.5/10 8.5/10 8.8/10
Shane 9.3/10 9.5/10 10/10 9/10 10/10
Keith 10/10 10/10 7.6/10 8.1/10 7.1/10



Ingredients and intake:

Of course, any quality intake product needs to have a proper set of ingredients to back up your health concerns and also to see if your body is suitable for them. Fortunately, the ingredients found in VIGRX Plus are all mostly natural herbs, comprising of leaves, barks, roots, seeds, and berries. The combination of the ingredients makes for a very effective male sex enhancement pill.

You will find the following ingredients on the labels of VIGRX Plus.

  1. 200 mg of Korean Red Ginseng

This root has long been used in the treatment of impotence (also known as erectile dysfunctions). Not only is it believed to be able to increase alertness and improve impotence, but it also prevents cold and lessens the severity of heart disease symptoms. However, the cons are that it can increase the way caffeine affects the body and also interfere with medications. It is also not approved by the FDA in relation to the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

  1. 200 mg of Saw Palmetto

Apart from being used in the treatment for enlarged prostate and improving urinary tract symptoms, studies show that Saw Palmetto is also good for treating erectile dysfunction.

  1. 200 mg of Hawthorne

Being one of the main ingredients of VIGRX, Hawthorne is a berry that is used widely in improving blood flow, regulating blood pressure and improving the cardiovascular system. The inclusion of Hawthorne extract can directly affect the blood flow to the penis and the response of the erection in the body. This, in turn, can result in having a better erection, duration, and performance.

  1. 200 mg of Gingko Biloba

This is also a very potent herb well known for improving blood flow and enhancing the effectiveness of nerve cells. The inclusion of this leaf can result in better and long-lasting erections. 

  1. 200 mg of Damiana

This is a herb that has been used for a long time in improving the quality of sexual experiences. It acts as a sexual stimulant and is proven that the inclusion of Damiana extract improves longer lasting orgasms.

  1. 150 mg of Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris has been used for centuries in India and China for treating infertility, impotence and low levels of libido. Studies have shown that it can also increase testosterone levels, Estrogen, and DHEA.

  1. 100 mg of Catuaba bark extract:

The Catuaba extract has been used for treating erectile dysfunction, and apart from that, it is also used in treatment for cancer, anxiety, and tiredness, improve nervous systems, heart functions as well as vein functions.

  1. 100 mg of Muira Puama:

Muira puama is a very effective aphrodisiac and has been used for improving erectile dysfunction and also for the improvement of sex drive and desire.

Apart from these major ingredients, the VIGRX Plus also includes 50 mg of Cuscuta seed extract, 30 mg of Epimedium and 10 mg of Bioperine.

Since this is a supplement, you need to make sure you get a prescription, but the recommended intake is a daily dose of two tablets.


How good and how long?

So after all that, the discussion comes down to one important question: How good is it and how long does it last? Well, VIGRX promises significant and noticeable changes within 84 days, along with better erection controls, frequent and desirable orgasms, larger and longer lasting erections and increase in Libido. According to many, it is the best in terms of enlargement pills for men. According to many customers, there have been gains in terms of size up to three inches after starting to use VIGRX Plus.

The bottom line is this: VIGRX Plus is a completely natural enhancement pill, and while the competing products have shown results as well, there have been side effects to their use. However, VIGRX Plus has been in the market for over fifteen years all over the world with minimal reports of side effects. There have been some isolated cases in which some customers have complained about some pain after starting to use the pills, along with nausea, headache, and other minor problems. Hey, nobody is perfect. Aside from that, the overall reviews and feedbacks are positive.


What are the pros and cons of VIGRX Plus?

Obviously as a marketed product, VIGRX Plus, like any other, has its pros and cons. While The VIGR has a very positive review globally, it has its shortcomings in some aspects. Let’s talk about those:


  • It is made of purely natural ingredients and no traces of any steroids. This makes it an ideal alternative to competing products.
  • It has been in the market for quite a while now (more than fifteen years). This establishes authenticity with regard to the product.
  • It has been clinically tested and approved for male enhancement pills. What’s more, it has also received many recommendations from medical doctors.
  • If you buy several month supplies, the package includes several discounts as well as bonuses. Website membership, pheromone bottles, and seminar are part of the package and the latter two are quite popular among the ladies.
  • It has confirmed improved erection quality and an increased sex drive,
  • There are many offers on the table, and there is also a money-back guarantee, in case it doesn’t work.
  • Approved by the FDA as a male sex enhancement medication.


  • May experience gastrointestinal problems, along with vomiting and nausea. This problem is usually experienced by dehydrated individuals.
  • May cause breathing problems for those with diabetes
  • The product can be more expensive than the other competitions if bought in single packages.
  • There are lots of fake counterfeit products out there and the only way to buy it is from the online website, where it is available.

Is VIGRX Plus safe?

We have already established that VIGRX Plus is the best when it comes to male enhancement pills, and despite the established facts, what makes VIGRX Plus worth the purchase? There are many reasons you that make it worth your money. There are many people out there who might be concerned about their long term health after the use of VIGRX Plus. Yes, VIGRX has been tested clinically to be safe. There are many erectile dysfunction improvement pills, and the ingredients play a large part.

 Every person is different, and there is every chance that you might not be suited physically to some of the included ingredients which is why you have to be careful about what you pick. Fortunately, VIGRX Plus has an all-natural ingredient menu, all of which have been used in different health treatments (usually blood flow, and erectile dysfunction) so you don’t have to bother yourself much about that.


How to get VIGRX Plus:

VIGRX Plus is a widely popular and effective product, so there are always those trying to cash-grab out of a successful product name. So there is every chance that you might come across a counterfeit product that won’t be actually as healthy and effective as the real deal, but instead end up giving you side effects and health problems. Be it on other online stores or just your regular local drug store, you really can’t tell the difference whether you are looking at the real VIGRX Plus or a counterfeit. It is of utmost importance that you buy the original product, and you can do that only from the VIGRX Plus online store.

How effective is VIGRX Plus?

Any product cannot be popular without an opinion of the ones who have actually used them. Of course, VIGRX Plus is a globally preferred product, so you bet there will be feedbacks. Of course, the fact that VIGRX Plus is fabled Number 1 in the market of male enhancement pills speaks volumes about what the customers have to say about the product. Most of what the customers have to say is positive, and testimonials include the results they have experienced, including prolonged erection, increased sex drive, larger sizes, and very happy spouses.

Final Thoughts:

So here we are. When all is talked about, there is still the question, are you going to go for it? Well, it is an ideal purchase for anyone who has a problem with erection or anything to do with sex. Overall, if you are looking for a safe way to overcome erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual energy, unhappy partners and less duration, VigRX is a very ideal product. In any case, VigRX Plus has been recommended by doctors and customers who have actually used the product for themselves. VigRX Plus has been clinically approved, and not only does it help improve erectile dysfunction, but it is also established as a fact that larger size, longer duration and better quality of experience are part of the package that comes with the product. Besides, you can just try 9it out and if it doesn’t work, you will be getting your money back anyway so what’s the harm, right? 


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The Official Top 10 – The Best Juicer For Your Home

At, we receive many requests from our Community to review products. It takes time for us to research/review products and programs, but if you’ve found this page, it means we are currently curating the list for the “Top 10 Best Juicers for the Home” this list will include our pick for the “Best Juicer for Greens” stay tuned.


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*While you wait, check out our list of the best food processors on the market

In-depth Phen375 Review (2019) – Health Review Fairy

Are you on the lookout for a natural supplement which will help you to lose weight in a fast and safe manner? At Health Review Fairy we love all natural products that are effective. If you happen to someone who is need of losing weight but worried that supplements will cause harm to your body, then Phen375 is the right supplement choice for you.  You should not look any further than the all natural, Phen375 weight loss supplement

This weight loss supplement has been scientifically formulated using only natural ingredients to help people lose weight in a safe and risk-free manner. To add further value, Phen375 comes with a money back guarantee if you do not start seeing results in 30 days. This adds further value and assurance to the product.

Hence, if a natural, drug-free approach to weight loss is in your mind then going with Phen375 is a no-brainer. This health supplement has also been verified by the FDA and a host of other food safety organizations, adding further peace of mind while consuming it.

What is Phen375?

Phen375 is a health supplement which has been scientifically formulated using only natural ingredients and is designed to help you lose weight without any side effects. Phen375 uses a combination of natural ingredients to help lose weight and it does so by accelerating the metabolism, improving digestion, suppressing appetite and a host of other biological activities to help burn more calories and lose weight. Since, Phen375 is composed of only natural ingredients you do not require a prescription to purchase it, as such it is easily available both online and offline.

Who is Phen375 for?

Phen375 is for individuals who wish to burn away any excess fats in their body so as to lose weight and become healthy in a safe and natural manner. With life becoming more hectic and stressful many individuals both old and young find themselves becoming overweight. Being overweight brings with it many ill effects, and poses a lot of health risks. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on one’s weight, so as to ensure a healthy mind and a healthy body. Phen375 thus finds itself as a perfect natural solution for health-conscious individuals who wish to burn away those extra fats, and start leading a healthy lifestyle.

What are the main features of Phen375?

Phen375 being a health supplements carries with it multiple features to help weight loss and its main features are as follows:

  1. Phen375 acts as a very powerful appetite suppressant and this helps individuals to keep their appetite in check, which effectively prevents cravings, over-eating and the urge to binge.
  2. Phen375 contains thermogenic boosters in its ingredients, and they are responsible for boosting the metabolism. This causes the body to burn more calories thus aiding in weight loss.
  3. Phen375 also contains energy boosting ingredients, which stimulate the mind, thus motivating the individual to engage in physical activities.
  4. Phen375 further contains fat cutters and burners in its ingredients thus helping the body to rapidly break down and metabolize fats.

What are the ingredients of Phen375?

The ingredients that go into making Phen375 an excellent supplement are all natural, and free of side effects. All these ingredients are naturally sourced and have undergone multiple scientific types of research and tests to ensure its effectiveness. The ingredients that make up Phen375 are as follows.

  1. Calcium carbonate: Calcium carbonate is a mineral which is required for the healthy formation and nourishment of bones. Besides, this it also has dietary benefits as it sends signals to the body indicating that is full and well nourished. Thus, calcium prevents the body from over-eating and over-consumption of calories.
  2. L-carnitine: This is an amino acid which is found in dairy products, chicken, beef, fish and whole meat. What L-carnitine does is that it breaks down stored fat and converts into energy, helping to burn fats.
  3. Caffeine anhydrous: Caffeine anhydrous helps to keep minds clear, increase energy levels and most importantly suppress appetite while boosting metabolism.
  4. Citrus aurantium: This ingredient is extracted from a citrus plant with the same name and contains synephrine. Synephrine combined with the other ingredients boosts metabolism thus promoting weight loss.
  5. Chromium Picolinate: This compound is found in the majority of weight loss supplements. Chromium Picolinate is responsible for regulating sugar levels in the body, thus helping to curb sugar cravings and suppresses the appetite.
  6. Cayenne pepper: Cayenne pepper contains the compound capsaicin, and this compound is known for increasing the body temperature, reducing the blood pressure and also suppresses the appetite.
  7. Coleus Forskolii Root PE: This compound is known to activate Adenylyl cyclase and also increases AMP levels in multiple cells thus helping to burn calories.
  8. Dendrobium Nobile Extract: This compound is extracted from orchids and is used to treat various digestive issues, plus it also increases physical performance as well.

These are the ingredients that go into making PHEN375 and all these ingredients are certified safe and are manufactured in a safe facility which is FDA compliant. This ensures that PHEN375 adopts Good Manufacturing Practice.



How does Phen375 work?

To understand how PHEN375 works, let us first understand how fats get accumulated in the body. The body requires energy to perform work and this energy is fed to the body in the form of food which contains calories. The body thus burns calories and produces the energy required to do work. However, if a person consumes more calories than is required by his body then these extra calories get stored in the body in the form of fats, thus making a person overweight.

Thus, for a person to lose weight, the body must burn the extra calories that are stored in the fats. There are multiple ways to help burn the calories stored in fats, and they include using fat burners, fat blockers, and appetite suppressants. As such, Phen375 has been formulated keeping all these ways in mind. The natural ingredients that go into making Phen375 possess all the above properties that are required to lose weight and they include increasing the metabolic rate, reducing the appetite and reducing the absorption of fats.

There are a total of eight ingredients that go into making Phen375 an effective weight loss supplement and its workings are as follows.

The first ingredient found in Phen375 is Calcium carbonate, and this mineral is responsible for sending signals when a body is full, thus blocking the urge to consume more. L-carnitine is the second ingredient and this compound helps in the breakdown of fats thus increasing the burning and conversion of fats into energy. Third, we have Caffeine anhydrous which is known for its appetite suppressing properties, thus blocking unwanted hunger and cravings while also boosting energy levels. The next ingredient Citrus Aurantium contains the stimulant compound synephrine which is known for its metabolism boosting properties. Cayenne pepper is another appetite suppressing ingredient which contains the appetite suppressing compound called capsaicin. Coleus Forskolii Root PE is the seventh ingredient and this ingredient activates and increases AMP levels in the cells which help to accelerate the burning of calories. The last ingredient found in Phen375 is Dendrobium Nobile Extract, and this compound is known for curing digestive ailments and issues, thus keeping the digestive system healthy.

How should PHEN375 be consumed?

PHEN375 comes in the form of tablets and the recommended dosage is two tablets a day. It should be consumed along with water and taken before or during meals twice a day. It is also advised to drink a healthy amount of water so as to avoid dehydration. For PHEN375 to work best a healthy diet should be followed and to start seeing results it is recommended to take the supplements for a minimum of three months.





The Progress Chart of using Phen375

To understand the effectiveness and to check the results of using Phen375 we have prepared a Progress chart. This Progress chart includes the data of a number of individuals who have been using Phen375 over a period of three months to help lose weight.


Phen375 Testers Lindsey K. – age 55 Dave B. – age 42 Josh J. – age 68
Lbs overweight            44             35            42
30 Day Progress 33 pounds left 24 pounds left 33 pounds left
60 Day Progress 20 pounds left 15 pounds left 21 pounds left
90 Day Progress 11 pounds left 9 pounds left 12 pounds left


The Progress chart shows the weight lost by individuals who consumed the Phen375 over a period of three months. As can be seen from the charts individuals lost an average of 10 to 15 pounds per month. However, this should also be taken with the fact that the individuals followed a healthy lifestyle to go along with it. This includes consuming a low calorie, yet balanced diet coupled with regular exercises. Therefore for the results to show, it is very important that one follows a strict routine without fail.

Who should avoid using Phen375?

Though Phen375 is made using only natural ingredients, there are safety precautions which should be taken before consuming it. Phen375 as such is not recommended for persons who have any of the signs mentioned below

  1. Pregnant or Breastfeeding
  2. Have High Blood Pressure
  3. Suffer from Cardiovascular diseases
  4. Allergic to any of the Ingredients of Phen375

The Side Effects of Phen375

Though Phen375 is made of natural ingredients, just like any weight loss supplements Phen375 is not free from side effects. Some of the most common side effects of Phen375 are as follows.

  1. Phen375 might lead to a slight increase in blood pressure after consumption and hence is not advisable for people with hypertension.
  2. Since Phen375 contains a few stimulants in the form of caffeine and citrus aurantium, this might cause sleeping disorders. It is thus advised to not take the supplement before going to bed.
  3. Because of the presence of a number of active ingredients, Phen375 may cause the irregularities in the digestive system. As such there might be changes in the bowel movement and the stool might exhibit inconsistencies.

The Pros and Cons of Phen375

Just like with any supplements available in the market Phen375 also carries with it, its own set of Pros and Cons and they are as follows.

The Pros of Phen375

  1. The Ingredients that go into making Phen375 are all natural and they have been certified safe for consumption by the FDA.
  2. Results are seen within the first week of use and with extended usage, individuals can lose upwards of twenty-four pounds in six weeks.
  3. It works as advertised and is a great appetite suppressant and at the same time boosts overall energy levels.
  4. Phen375 targets only the fat tissues during metabolism and only burns away the fat tissues. It does not target muscle mass or lead to loss of muscles.

The Cons of Phen375

  1. Headache, Dizziness, and Nausea have been reported in some users.
  2. Digestive issues such as abdominal cramps, upset stomach, and diarrhea are seen in a few people.
  3. People with heart problems, hypertension, and allergic reactions cannot take advantage of this supplement.
  4. Since Phen375 contains a few amounts of stimulants, it is advised that people with cardiovascular issues should stay away from it.

How to buy Phen375

Since Phen375 is made using only natural ingredients; there is no need for a prescription before buying it. Therefore, Phen375 can be purchased directly from the company’s website or from any website which has been affiliated by the company. Coming to its price, a bottle of Phen375 costs $65.95 which is enough for a thirty day supply. There are some additional offers available for the supplement wherein you can get two bottles for $131.90 plus an additional one for free and four bottles for $187.96 with an additional one for free.  


With the comprehensive review of the Phen375 stated above, it goes to show that this very weight loss supplement does what it promises to do, and will not disappoint users. The fact that this weight loss supplement is made of only natural ingredients adds further value to it. As such whether you are someone who is looking to lose a couple of pounds or looking for a complete weight transformation, Phen375 is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals. Some things to keep in mind before making the purchase are to makes sure that you are healthy and non-allergic to any of the ingredients and also taking a look at some of the side effects before starting to consume it.




This has been out Phen375 review, now see our review of Sugar Balance

Fat Diminisher Investigation (2019) – Health Review Fairy

The people and the media are obsessed with weight-loss. is on the case delivering you another review on this must-see product. The subject of weight-loss is an everyday topic which has seeped into our routine. Whether it is interacting with people or going through your news feed, there is a guarantee that somehow new’ information on a weight-loss program or an advert on the ‘latest’ weight-loss program makes its way into our lives. But let’s face it, we know they never work, and unless you have dieticians and personal chefs working around the clock for you, the summer body that you crave for is a long lost dream. Besides vanity, weight-loss is a problem that leads to a whole new array of problems which includes obesity, diabetes, and heart-related problems. Most of this leads to early death, and it’s no wonder that the mortality rate of human beings decreases every year. 

So the question remains, is there a weight-loss program which really works? We have all been there, we have tried exercising (which is difficult to fit in our busy daily schedules), we have tried diet pills and even crazier diet plans. But despite the methods, the belly fat just won’t budge. You still have the embarrassing muffin-top, and you can’t go to the beach without feeling insecure. The trip to the doctors is still a horror show, and there is this constant discomfort of being overweight, and there is nothing that you haven’t tried and nothing that you can do about it.

This is not any other article that is trying to sell you a product, nor is it a scam that would rob you of your money. But before we delve further into the subject, let’s look at the little history of how the ‘Fat Diminisher’ came into being.


Fat Diminisher has its humble beginnings in the form of a 25-page binder which held the secrets of Thai diets that encouraged weight-loss. It not only promotes weight-loss but it improves cell regeneration, removes free radicals from the body, and improves the overall health of the body. As mentioned earlier, the problem of being overweight could lead to an array of problems like obesity, heart problems, diabetes, and even cancer. So, in a way, weight-loss programs are not just for the cause of fitting into that dress but mostly because of the underlying health problems that come with being over-weight. 

It all started when a US soldier was in Iraq and was tasked with training the men and women in getting them ready for the physical test. Despite the various methods that were incorporated during the training which included drinking lots of water, staying away from desserts, cutting carbs and exercising to the maximum, needless to say, there were just no results. The trainer even went to the lengths of hiding the salt to prevent the soldiers from eating excessive salt. Regardless of all the restrictions, the results that they wanted to see evaded them. And on top of that, time was running out as the day for the physical fitness test came nearer and nearer. But the trainer came across a 25-page blue binder, which was presented to him by his friend. That binder contained the secret to weight-loss, and although this may all seem like a story that is conjured up, it is true. It has instructions for diet-plans which would promote weight-loss. These diet-plans were actually surprising because it contained foods which were normally not encouraged to eat for people who were trying to lose weight. It also contained herbs and spices which we use in our daily lives and which are not hard to come by. And the best part is that desserts are allowed. So the plan from the binder was given to the trainers in which they were supposed to follow it over the weekend. Come Monday, all of those people who went home with the plan were excited because they could all feel the changes in their bodies. It was baffling but what you see is what you get. 

And here is the part where we learn about the creator of Fat Diminisher.


The trainer who was responsible for the people that lost weight is known by the name of Wes Virgin. He was very surprised by the results as most weight-loss programs are just bogus. And like the majority of people, he was skeptical at first, but he managed to do his own research. In which he found that the diet plan was followed by most of the Asian countries which included Thailand as well. Upon researching further, he found that Thailand has the people with the least number of obese people and people lived longer as well. This was no co-incidence as statistics are never wrong. Nevertheless, he decided to try the plan on his troops and voila! It actually worked. Some people even went on to lose a pound each day! But what really prompted him to make this available to the public was because of an incident that happened at their camp when it was under attack. There was this uncertainty of life and death that unfolded before him. And at that moment, he felt like he did not fulfill the purpose of his life in which he thought that his purpose in life was to help others. But how? The binder came to his mind! Because it was already tried and tested and it had worked as well. So he vowed from then and there that if he survived the night, he would go back home and help people that were suffering from weight problems. And that was exactly what he did. 


The Fat Diminisher Program does not have any strict laws and does not require a person to starve which most diet-plans require. The plan has various categories which include a weight-loss program which can stretch for a 60-day period or if somebody is looking for a quick fix, there is a plan for a 4-day belly churn program as well. As mentioned earlier, this plan does not contain any strict diet and rituals, but it contains a mix of herbs and spices which we use in our daily lives and can be found easily as well. It also contains tips on which vegetables and food to avoid as well. Most people would be surprised to learn that most foods which are deemed unworthy for people who are trying to lose weight are actually safe to eat. For people who are not looking to lose weight can find plans and diets for better health, skin and overall function of the body. The plan includes plans that promote cell regeneration and rejuvenation, detoxifies the body of free radicals and heavy metals. It promotes rigor and sexual health as well. 

Apart from all of that, people those who have followed this plan have admitted to feeling more energetic and have seen an improvement in health as well. Not only that, it has aided in bringing down the cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure too. 

Overall we can say that Fat Diminisher promotes vitality, good health, and good life.


Let’s face it, by the time we hit our 30’s there is just nothing that we can do about that belly fat and the muffin top. Your arms and legs may still retain the shape but whatever crazy diet you follow or whatever diet pills you pop in or the weight-loss tea that you drink, we know that the results are futile. So it is safe to assume that the program is targeted for people of 35+ age who are struggling with being overweight.

Apart from that, this program can be followed by anyone who is suffering from diabetes, obesity and heart-related problems. Most of the problems that arise from those diseases can be avoided by mitigating weight which is simply not easy. With some people being unable to exercise, it is simply not an option. So, therefore, the ‘Fat Diminisher’ plays an important role for people those who are going through those problems as well.

The other group that the ‘Fat Diminisher’ targets are the people who are interested in living a life free from health worries. As prevention is always better than cure, the right diet is the key to having a healthy and fulfilled life. With plans that promote cell regeneration, vitality and flushing out toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals, this plan is surely set to attract fitness addicts.


1. The Fat Diminisher promises to give results for those who are looking to lose weight drastically. It contains plans and diets that encourage rapid weight loss with as much as losing one pound per day.

2. It contains various concoctions of herbs and spices that promote the burning of fats, especially from the belly area. This, in turn, lowers the cholesterol levels and prevents any heart-related diseases. 

3. The whole plan is set to appeal to all people as it does not rely on starving oneself. Starving oneself is a misconception as it is during this time that people deprive their bodies of proteins and good carbohydrates which are required to burn fats and to increase muscle mass. But since starvation blocks all of those ideal requirements, the body goes into a mode where it simply cannot work. This plan strives to turn the tables by promoting the consumption of food which would at the same time help with the loss of fats and in turn lose weight.

4. Besides losing weight, it removes all the unwanted materials in the body like toxins, free radicals, heavy metals. It also rejuvenates the cells and repairs them from the inside out. This helps the person not only in losing weight but gaining a youthful look as well. It also improves sexual vitality as well, which is a win-win situation.


1. IT WORKS: The first reason is the most obvious because it simply works! There are pieces of evidence to support these claims, and one can look them up online for proof.

2. COST-EFFICIENT: It actually costs about $287 which is considered steep by most people. But if that price is compared to the thousands and thousands of dollars that one spends on personal trainers and diet pills, it is actually a bargain. But then again, the whole program is available for a discounted price of $37 for a limited time.

3. GUARANTEE: In order for a product to hold their weight, people often look for guarantees. With this package, there is a 60-day challenge or a money back guarantee. So, a person has a full 60 day where he/she can try out the program to see if there are results. If there are no results, or if the plan is not at all appealing, the person can ask for a refund which will be immediately refunded in their bank accounts.  

4. EASE OF ACCESSIBILITY: Once the money is paid for, a person need not wait for days for the book to arrive. As soon as the payment is made, a person can choose to download the plan. It can be downloaded to one’s PC, mobile phone or tablet and can print it if one chooses to do it or can be accessed by one of those peripherals. 

5. LONG-TERM RESULTS: The best part about following this plan is that the effects are long-term. Once a person begins to see results, he/she can be sure that the effects will be long-term and there is no way that it will get reversed. Even for people who have reverted heart-diseases or obesity or cholesterol levels, one can be safe from those problems returning.

6. NO SIDE-EFFECTS: Most diet pills cause headaches, insomnia, accelerated heart-beats among a lot of problems because the chemicals actually trick the brain into thinking that the body is not hungry. In then, this deprives the body of nutrition which gives rise to a lot of problems. Meanwhile, ‘Fat Diminisher’ is a plan that includes a program that includes herbs and spices and food items which are not harmful to the body without the aid of any chemical components. So there is this certainty, that there will be no side-effects causes, in fact, people have informed that they have slept better and have felt better. 



AGE 40 52 38




1. It relies on 100% natural methods which include eating food which we eat daily and are organic. The diet plan also includes herbs and spices which are a part of our daily lives and which are also accessible easily. The approach to this program is natural and organic and contains no chemical compounds.

2. Besides being all natural, it is also effective as well. Because of the various weight-loss programs that are available worldwide and in a plenty amount, it is understandable if people are skeptical of it. But the whole plan is effective because it has been tried and tested and also one can refer to the chart above.

3. If a person is not sure about the product but yet is curious about it and wants to try it out, there is a 60-day guarantee attached during the purchase of this plan. This means that a person gets to try out the Fat Diminisher for a full 60 days and if he/she is not happy about it, that person can always ask for a refund. 

4. The best part is yet to come, as the program does not rely on strict diets and regimens. The program mostly guides a person to avoid the foods that are not the best for people who are struggling with weight. Also, the program allows desserts and all types of food which we normally consider as guilty pleasures. 

5. The program does not only help with weight loss, but it also aids good skin because the diet promotes skin regeneration and rejuvenation. It flushes out all sorts of toxins which are poison to the skin and removes free radicals and heavy metals. People suffering from acne can also benefit from this program as it clears up acne as well giving way to smoother and brighter skin altogether. 

6. Besides the loss of weight and good skin from the ‘Fat Diminisher’ program, users can also experience wellness of life. It boosts mental activity, and people can say goodbye to lethargy, inactivity, and tiredness. There will be no more complaints of feeling tired all the time and running out of energy. It also boosts sexual vigor and vitality which can enhance one’s romantic life as well. 

7. It is extremely cheap and cost-effective for a discounted price of $37. 


1. Some people can experience massive weight-loss which can sometimes be a problem. So it is only fair to check and review which plan a person is required to follow before starting a diet.

2. As it has been mentioned above that this program can reverse various problems that are related to being overweight like diabetes, cancer, and heart-problems, this can in no way replace medical attention though. A person is still required to go to the doctor for seeking medical check-up and prescriptions as the ‘Fat Diminisher’ is solely made to help people with weight issues. The other factors are additional bonuses that come with weight-loss. 


With the present scenario of the world, more and more people are victims of being over-weight because of the lifestyle and food habits. And because of that, it has given rise to a multitude of problems like an increased number of heart patients and increased diagnosed cases of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer. So at this time, there is a reason for people to be obsessed with weight-loss but can we really blame them? Not all people have the luxury of having a personal trainer, a dietician or a chef following around obsessing about our weights and not to mention; they cost a fortune as well. But the ‘Fat Diminisher’ program can act as all three and even more by providing a path to enjoy life as it comes with good health. The instructions that come with the book are easy to follow and all beginners can rest-easy. Besides being easy to understand, it is also cheap as well which is a way of telling the people that this program is not intended for making money off them but to give them a real chance at living the life that they deserve.

Thank for reading our Fat Diminisher review, next discover our review of Phen375

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review – UPDATED 2019 | The Details You Want

our review of lean belly breakthroughLean-Belly Breakthrough is a weight loss program developed by Bruce Krahn. He claims that it is one of the most efficient weight loss programs and says that all that you need is a few types of foods and five simple body movements to help you to shed a pound of belly fat (at least) in every single day.  Let’s dive into our comprehensive Lean Belly Breakthrough Review. Visit our home page at HRF to see more reviews.

  • Overall Effectiveness
  • Ease of Use
  • Longevity of Results
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money


The bottom line: Through our investigation we have concluded that this product is in fact effective for those individuals in their 20’s-50’s in need of losing weight particularly fat around this midsection.

Things we like include the easy to follow program, the drastic outcomes people are seeing, and the fact that they back their product with a 60-day money back guarantee. So, it works for you, or you get a full refund. We love companies like that.

For those who are willing to follow along with the program, they will be guaranteed results. To join the many others who have already transformed their bodies through the use of LBB click here and get the lowest available price. Happy fitness!


Many people know about Lean Belly Breakthrough, which is designed to target fat loss goals, this is the perfect choice for overweight women and men across different age groups. This program helps to get rid of excess fat and subsequently helps prevent dangerous health issues. Before we get into more information on LBB (Lean Belly Breakthrough), let’s meet the three participants in our LBB case study;

  • Betty R., 39 years old, 25 lbs to lose
  • Carina T., 22 years old, 19 lbs to lose
  • Krissa L., 29 years old, 30 lbs to lose

Read Our Comprehensive Review of Lean Belly Breakthrough

To be precise, if you are around thirty-five years old and want to lose extra fat around your midsection and belly, the Lean Belly Breakthrough program is very likely a great option for you.  The program provides not only offers a comprehensive product but they also have outstanding customer support. They provide a 60-day money back guarantee policy, in case you don’t like the product for any reason. (Always something we look for in product we review). (++)

belly fat lossThis shows that the company stands completely behind their product. LBB is an entirely drug-free program and it helps you lose weight safely and to improve and maintain your overall health. If you are looking for longevity and a healthier lifestyle, you can get this 90 percent off coupon applied to your purchase automatically when you click the provided link (and get more benefits on top of that). 

LBB provides a digital e-book that can be downloaded for free, and it is not just an instructional manual, it is more than that, it claims to help every adult individual who is suffering from extra and stubborn belly fat.  Here you will find the most in-depth review on this product so that you can use this program if you want to lose your extra belly fat safely.

Most of the LBB program was created by the wellness coach called Bruce Krahn. He has 15-years of experience in this field. A few main topics contained in the LBB program include:

  • Synopses of good foods that are helpful to your body and can aid you in getting rid of the extra belly fat 
  • A chart of different supplements from flavors, nourishment, and herbs that affect the hormones that make the body to store fat
  • Outline of awful drinks and foods that may cause serious health issues or progress of present ones (you’d be surprised what made the list!)
  • Basic explanation on the best method to help your digestion while you are resting (majorly important)
  • Dr. Heinrick’s method of removing fat in different parts of the body
  • A gradual, easy-to-follow exercise program programmed to be performed every day
  • Methods and techniques on how to keep the goal in the mind and get rid of belly fat and any other related health issues
  • A personal chart for you to keep track of movement to see how you progress

About the creator:

lbb creator bruce krahn Bruce Krahn is the developer of Lean Belly Breakthrough. He created this program after he went through a traumatic situation where his father-in-law had a heart attack while on a plane. He went to Dr. Heinrick and prompted him to create a two-minute daily program. Bruce Krahn said that his father-in-law lost over nine pounds of belly fat in just three subsequent days on performing the two-minute daily program. Also, in just one month, he lost around thirty pounds.  Seeing this tremendous change in his father-in-law, he developed this program so that many more could benefit from this outstanding technique and help themselves lose belly fat with a simple process.

How does The LBB Program Work?

The original claim made by the developer about the LBB program is that it is expected to cut one to three pounds of belly fat in less than 14-days.  The best part of this LBB program is that it limits your body’s use of bad cholesterol. The prescribed drinks and foods in the weight loss program are mostly modified to increase the amount of calories burned to help sustain a high level of comfort and health.

LBB looks to destroy the build-up of toxic substances in the body.  Currently, people from all over the world are having trouble with these harmful toxins and the worst part is, they become stored in the body. These toxins come from certain foods, drinks, and contamination in the air. It is very important to detox your body so that you can de-conjest and shed extra weight. LBB also helps you control your blood sugar for those people who are experiencing type-2 diabetes.  Taking control of blood sugar levels helps to ensure that your body has a regularly stabilized energy level.

The LBB program helps keep the users focused and active the entire day.  It is a known fact that a healthy and active body is an energized body. The LBB program helps manage stress level and improves the production of the feel-good hormones.  Individuals using the program have shown tremendous positive results, they say they have improved their personal satisfaction and their quality of life.

Who is LBB For?

It is for those individuals who want to lose their belly fat. This program is designed to help people achieve their weight loss goals quickly and easily. Also, this program has been recognized as being suited for not just young people but also for an older crowd. It seems to be effective for people of different age groups.

People who are currently experiencing excess belly fat are the ones who can benefit most from the program as they can utilize it to the full extent of what it is meant for.  Research shows that belly fat is a health risk and it may lead to various other health issues if not addressed in a timely manner. Anyone can get fit! With the use of LBB, you can lose weight without going through potentially severe surgeries, you can avoid self-starvation and counting calories, and you can forget about harmful chemicals or drugs. Great stuff!

Raving Testimonials

Here is the Results Chart for Our Lean Belly Breakthrough Product Test Participants


LBB Test Participants Betty R. – age 39 Carina T. age 19 Krissa L. age 29
Lbs Overweight 25 Lbs Left 19 Lbs Left 30 Lbs Left
30 Day Results 16 Lbs Left 13 Lbs Left 22 Lbs Left
60 Day Results 9 Lbs Left 8 Lbs Left 13 Lbs Left
90 Day Results 4 Lbs Left 2 Lbs Left 7 Lbs Left


Results Bar Graph for Our Lean Belly Breakthrough Product Test Participants 


Main Features of The Lean Belly Breakthrough Program:

  • Allows you to lose over thirty pounds in just a month without any tough exercises or use of unsafe medication. 


  • Provides the best fat removing methods to facilitate weight loss and help you to avoid the build-up of cholesterol.


  • Offers you a whole recap of foods, spices, and herbs to facilitate you in balancing and maintaining your hormonal levels so that you can obtain good health and well-being while reaching a healthy weight.


  • Allows you to observe what a healthy everyday routine will be like


  • Teaches methods proven to improve your metabolism


  • The program integrates a two-minute method you can apply every day that is easy to perform, making it one of the fastest and easiest ways to lose belly fat.

LBB Reactions and Side Effects:

lose belly fat imageAccording to reports, no LBB users have complained of any negative side effects. The basic point of the program is to help you to take control of your eating habits, doing so generally causes very positive results. You learn how to eat more healthy foods and it gives you the strength to keep away from those foods that increase your belly fat.  It helps you maintain a distance from the food and in the process helps you lose weight quickly. They include food choices and exercises that will help you meet your fat loss and weight loss goals. The best thing about this program is, it’s very low stress as it is a simple program that does not include any drugs or severe side effects and it still helps people lose fat and create a healthier lifestyle overall.

What do you like about the LBB Program?

We love the 60-day 100 % money back guarantee. This makes it a completely risk-free way to potentially outstanding results. If you’re a person who wants to lose excess belly fat you can and should give this a shot and just in case you are not satisfied with the results you can easily receive a full refund.
lean belly breakthrough approved Easy to follow:  The LBB program integrates fundamental techniques that any individual can follow with ease. The exercise program is simple and easy to keep up with every day. The diet is simple, in fact, it is very basic. It’s hard to find any excuse not to try this program as it is easy to follow and easy to maintain.
Suits nearly every individual: Lean Belly Breakthrough proves to be a program that is suitable for anyone who has stubborn belly fat to shed. It can safely be used by any individual who wants to lose their belly fat and who wants to try out the program.  (The information includes, foods to eat and exercises to perform. These exercises are easy for men and women of all ages to do. It is a great program that can help people to become healthier and happier with their appearance. 

Works long haul: Longevity is key. We like that this program addresses the natural original cause of the issue related to belly fat.  It could be due to this that this program delivers long-lasting results for people. Once you reach your weight loss goals you can simply continue the routine and have enduring results. The program is simple to follow and easy to maintain.

It’s solid: The developer of the program, Bruce Krahn, has 15-years of experience as a fitness coach and he has spent much of that time helping popular celebrities get and stay in shape. Additionally, the information offered by the LBB program is unique and offers value.
Extra tips: The creator shares some of the most remarkable hints he’s discovered during his 15-years of experience.  The integrated food plans that are enjoyable and delicious. According to reports, the LBB program is nine-steps ahead of its competitors.


  • Helps you lose belly fat quickly
  • Uses 100 percent integrated strategies and methods to effectively allow you to lose unwanted belly fat in an easy way
  • This program is a good investment
  • The creator of the program is careful to answer all questions
  • Following the LBB program helps you control diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and more

  • You can only download the program. You don’t get a hard copy.
  • It does take some commitment for great results

Safe and healthy wealthy loss:

It is very important that when you are trying to lose weight that you should learn how to do it in the right way. It is suggested that an individual should lose one to three pounds per week. This type of weight loss allows you to maintain and improve upon the transformation and keep-off the weight. It is overall much better for your long term weight loss and health.

This program helps you to lose your belly fat in a healthy way.  We all know that crash diets are unhealthy and the results don’t last. It combines the best and most efficient methods of losing weight and.

Lean-Belly Breakthrough program is a safe and effective program that will help you let go of the excess fat around your belly and other areas of the body with simple diet and exercise changes that can be implemented daily.


*Next, read our review of Yoga Burn

The 19 Best Mascaras For 2019 – Top Pics For Length, Curl, Volume & Clump Free Goodness

At, we receive many requests from our community to review products. It takes time for us to research/review products and programs, but if you’ve found this page, it means we are currently curating the list for “The 19 Best Mascaras For 2019.

For many of us, mascara is a beauty staple. The right mascara can work wonders, we’re discovering the 19 best mascaras in celebration of the new year. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Like your hair super sleek? We’re investigating the 10 best hair straighteners on the market.


At, we receive many requests from our community to review products. It takes time for us to research/review products and programs, but if you’ve found this page, it means we are currently curating the list for the “Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners for 2019.



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Top 10 Best Hair Dryers – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

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Top 13 Best Espresso Machines For The Home (2019) – Review & Buyer’s Guide

13 Best Home Espresso Machines

To make the perfect cup of espresso requires the correct blend of just coffee beans, milk, and water. The pressure of the boiling water is a defining factor in giving you a true espresso. You can have the luxury of a true espresso without taking a trip to the barista, just sitting at home. What you will need is just the best espresso machine to give you a delicious espresso.

There are a plethora of espresso machines available in the market. Espresso machines also come in different designs, types, and sizes. Choosing the best one for your home can be a tedious and confusing task because of the many options available. To make it simpler for you, we at review fairy have compiled a list of our top 13 picks for the ‘best espresso machine‘ you can purchase. Just sit back and enjoy.

  1. Breville NespressoBreville Nespresso Creatista Espresso Machine

Breville and Nespresso are two renowned brands in the coffee industry. Both have come together to design one of the best espresso machines called “Creatista”. This model combines the advanced technology of milk foaming by Breville and the convenience and coffee expertise of Nespresso, to give you a top-quality espresso at home.

Some of its features are:

  • Design: The Creatista model features a classic stainless steel design with a high-glossy finish and comes in two colors- Royal Champagne and Black. To give you the perfect latte-art at home, this model has a barista style milk jug in stainless steel with a pour spout.

It has a high-resolution display that will guide the user regarding the settings, the maintenance aspects, and all preparations.

  • Versatility: The model comes with an option for 8 beverages selections. It can give the black coffee of your choice along with milk-based drinks such as latte, cappuccino etc., and also milk froth with your choice of milk temperature or texture. It features 5 settings to adjust milk temperature and 4 texture levels of froth quality.
  • Pressure: To give you barista-style coffee whenever you want, this model comes with a high-pressure pump of 19 bars. This pressure is powerful enough to drive hot water through the coffee to give you a true cup of espresso. It has an energy saving automatic shut-off after 9 minutes and a fast heat-up system of only 10 seconds.
  • Drink Quality: Breville Nespresso Creatista ensures a consistent and high-quality coffee flavor because it uses Nespresso’s coffee capsules system. The capsules help in maintaining the freshness of the coffee because they are packed airtight. The pressure pump and the shape of the capsule together ensure to give you delicious espresso anytime.

Creatista also makes delicious milk-based drinks such as latte and cappuccino. It comes with temperature sensors that help you monitor the temperature of milk before making the drink.

  • Ease of handling: The Creatista model is easy to use since it uses coffee capsules, so you don’t have to worry about grinding the coffee beans or spillovers. The water tank also has a capacity of 1.5 liters, and the capsule container can hold up to 10 capsules.
  • Warranty: This product comes with a warranty period of 2 years.
  • Complementary: Each product includes a welcome kit of Nespresso original capsules with distinct and aroma profiles.


  • Easy to clean
  • Energy saving
  • Premium design with a great outlook



  • Only capsule coffee can be used.

The Breville Nespresso Single Serve coffee maker is best if you want a luxurious barista-quality espresso at home. This product will give you the best combination of price, quality, and design.


  1. De'Longhi EC702 De’Longhi EC702 Espresso Maker

De’Longhi EC702 Espresso machine is perfect for those who love a true cup of espresso and cappuccino while sitting at home. You have the option to drink either a single shot or double shot espresso with this machine. It comes with many amazing features which are the best in this price range.

Some of its features are:

  • Design: The EC702 mode has a stainless steel finish that makes it look sleek and increases the durability of the machine. It also comes along with a stainless steel boiler which complements the whole outlook of the product. There are 2 stainless steel handles on top of the machine to ensure ease of handling.
  • Versatility: One of the best features of this model is the unique dual function filter. This coffee maker allows you the luxury of using either ground coffee or coffee pods depending on your choice. The Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E) pods will brew your espresso faster within minutes. In addition to this, there are two separate thermostats for brewing espresso and steaming at the same time.
  • Pressure: This model comes with a 15 bar pump pressure to give you a true cup of espresso with a thick crema. This pump pressure ensures consistent quality coffee every time.
  • Drink quality: This coffee machine has a unique “Cappuccino system” that allows you to prepare lattes and cappuccinos easily. It delivers an authentic espresso with a wonderfully thick layer of crema.

Regardless of your preference for a single or double shot espresso, this model will give you consistent, high-quality coffee drinks.

  • Added features: The EC702 model comes with a self-priming option, thus eliminating start-up preparation time. There is also a cup warming tray that will keep your cups warm and let you enjoy delicious hot espresso every time.

You will also get a 3 in-one filter holder that has a holder for both one and double espresso shots and one for espresso pods.

The machine dispenses the required amount of espresso with the perfect temperature because of its automatic stop flow feature.


  • Frother positioned on the side for convenience
  • Easy to clean
  • Filters for both single and double shot espressos
  • Cup warming tray
  • Rich crema



  • No automatic shut off feature
  • First few shots may taste bad

The De’Longhi EC702 Espresso machine is one of the best you can find in the price range. It is great for both espressos and cappuccinos and provides consistent smooth and delicious drinks.

  1. Hamilton Beach -40792 Espresso MachineHamilton Beach -40792 Espresso Machine

Hamilton Beach is a renowned brand, known for the durability of their appliances. The 40792 model by Hamilton is popular among coffee lovers because it comes at an affordable price with all the features needed for authentic espresso. This machine will give you barista style high-quality coffee at the comfort of your home.

Some of its significant features are:

  • Design: This espresso machine has stainless steel built with a fine finish that makes it highly durable. The size of the machine is comparatively smaller to other coffee makers; however, there is no compromise on the quality of the drink.

One of the best features of this machine is the unique Slide and Lock Technology, wherein you can lock the portafilter in by gently sliding the lever. In addition to this, you have a swiveling steam wand which makes it convenient for you to steam and froth milk.

  • Versatility: This model will give your choice of espresso, cappuccino or latte with a delicious and smooth consistency. You can use either ground coffee or coffee pods with it. The extra rich crema this machine makes is best for lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Pressure: This model comes in an Italian style 15 bar pump pressure which is excellent for extraction and for producing rich crema. This pressure pump ensures top quality espresso or cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Drink quality: The coffee drinks are delicious, and this machine maintains consistent authentic drinks. The 15 bars pressure gives you a very rick crema which is perfect for lattes and cappuccinos. The froth nozzle froths continuously, thus allowing to you have your desired amount of frothy milk.
  • Added Features: The machine comes with a cup warming tray that keeps the coffee cups warm until the serving time.

The detachable water reservoir along with its removable drip tray is easy to use and clean.


  • The detachable units of the machine make it easy to clean
  • Makes authentic espresso
  • Rich cream is perfect for cappuccino and lattes
  • Light and a good size for transport
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Can be a bit noisy
  • A detector if the lever is closed securely is needed.

The best thing about buying the 40792 espresso maker model by Hamilton Beach is its great durability and consistent Italian style espressos. This product is very affordable for the number of features it provides and will not disappoint you in terms of the quality of the drinks.


  1. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso MakerNespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker

The Vertuo Coffee and Espresso machine by Nespresso has crossed all limits in delivering you the pen-ultimate coffee maker for your home. A coffee machine that brews both authentic Italian espresso and American coffee, this product will not disappoint you. This model fully automatic and is very easy to use. You can access your favorite cup of coffee drink just by the touch of a single button.

Some of its amazing features are:

  • Design: The single-serve Vertuo coffee model has a premium plastic construction and stainless steel, which gives it a sleek and stylish outlook. The building materials make the machine highly durable. The removable water reservoir of 40 oz. capacity is to the side making it easy to handle, and you don’t have to worry about refilling it every time.

This model includes the Aeroccino 3 milk frother which gives you smooth and rich milk froth for your lattes or cappuccinos.

This model has a pre-heating time of just 15 seconds.

  • Versatility: This model has the Nespresso capsule system, with each capsule giving you delicious flavor and aroma of the finest roasted ground coffee. The coffee is packed and sealed in aluminum caps that maintains the freshness and quality of the coffee. This single machine can deliver 5 cup sizes o coffee: 1.35 oz. Single espresso, 2.7 oz. double espresso, 5 oz. Gran Lugo, 14 oz. Alto coffee and 8 oz. coffee. It can also give you 1.35 ounces of espresso and 7.77 ounces of coffee, depending on your preference.
  • Centrifusion Technology: One of the unique and incredible features of this machine is the Centrifusion Technology it incorporates to brew your coffee drinks. Once you insert the capsule and close the lever, the machine gets activated, and the capsule spins at 7000 rotations per minute. This high-speed rotation allows for smooth blending of your coffee and water, thus producing a very rich and crema to enjoy with your drink.
  • Drink quality: You are sure of an authentic, delicious cup of espresso or cappuccino with this machine because of its “automatic blend recognition”. Each Nespresso Vertuo capsule has a barcode on the rim, which the machine automatically scans once you insert the capsule. After this, the machine alters its brewing parameters automatically to suit the desired beverage.
  • Complementary: Each product contains a complementary set of 12 Nespresso Vertuo capsules with unique individual aromas.


  • Fully automatic and works by a single touch
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Automatic blend recognition for every coffee capsule
  • Centrifusion technology
  • Rich crema


  • Only Vertuo capsules can be used
  • Can be a little expensive

The Nespresso Vertuo Espresso machine is designed for premium coffee lovers, who don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on authentic quality espresso and coffee. Its unique features ensure top-quality brews while at home.

  1. The 7 pc All-in-One set of Espresso maker by EspressoWorksThe 7 pc All-in-One Espresso Maker by EspressoWorks

Experience the joy of drinking a true authentic cup of your favorite espresso or cappuccino in the confines of your home with the 7 pc espresso maker bundle by EspressoWorks. You will get all the types of equipment necessary for brewing your espresso with this bundle. It comes at a very affordable price with no compromise on quality.

Some of its important features are:

  • Design: The whole machine has a stainless steel finish and premium plastic construction. The built is stylish and sleek with high durability. It has a transparent and detachable water tank on the side for easy cleaning. The model also comes with a built-in detachable steam wand, thus making creamier lattes and cappuccinos. It has a removable drip tray for hassle-free cleaning.

One of the best features of this machine is the thermal block system of heating it uses. This makes the machine heat up in just 45 seconds.

  • Versatility: With this coffee maker you can make any coffee drinks you prefer like cappuccino or macchiato or lattes or espressos. The model has two portafilters (stainless steel) for both single and double shots of espresso.
  • Pressure: A bar pump pressure of 9 is enough for a true espresso drink. This model comes with 15 bars pump pressure which is excellent to deliver barista style high-quality espresso or any other coffee drinks.
  • Drink quality: This coffee maker allows you to brew freshly ground coffee beans at the right temperature because of its thermal block heating technology. These ensure deliciously flavored drinks with every cup. The milk frother works perfectly to give you a thick crema for your cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Accessories included: The 7 pc set comes with all the things you need, so you do not have to buy any additional accessories. It includes a good quality 120 V electric bean grinder which ensures that your coffee is fresh and rich in flavor. There are also two stainless steel portafilters, a frothing cup made of stainless steel, a tamper and a measuring spoon. Along with these, you also get two top-quality espresso cups.
  • Added features: The machine comes with an automatic off feature. This ensures that the machine shuts off automatically after it has been left unused for 25 minutes.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Thermo block heating system for perfect temperatures for every drink
  • The dimensions and size of the whole machine is good enough for home use
  • The transparent water tank with a front-view is highly convenient


  • You cannot use coffee pods in this machine
  • Cannot be programmed

The 7 pc espresso maker bundle by EspressoWorks is a great buy for those who are low on budget but need durable and high-quality brewing coffee maker.

  1. Mueller Espresso MakerMueller Espresso Maker

The Espresso machine by Mueller is one of the best espresso makers in the price range. It is a perfect pick for those who just started their venture into brewing coffees at home. This espresso maker is easy to use and will suit well on your kitchen countertop. The size is compact and is great for home use.

Some of its amazing features are:

  • Design: This espresso maker has a great outlook with its stainless steel and plastic built. It is sturdy and durable and has a sleek and fine finish. It comes with a transparent water tank of 0.8 l which allows you to make many cups of espressos without the hassle of refilling every time. It also ensures a hassle-free cleaning. There is also a stainless steel handle attached on top of the machine for easier handling.
  • Versatility: This machine is only best for authentic espressos. It uses Nespresso compatible capsules system that gives you rich flavored espressos every time. You have the option for either a short or long cup (lungo) of espressos at the touch of a single button.
  • Pressure: One of the most amazing features of this product is its 20 bars pump pressure. The quality of espresso depends on its pump pressure of water. 20 bars of pump pressure will provide you with true Italian espressos every time.
  • Drink quality: The quality of espresso this machine dispenses in perfect and delicious. With its 20 bars pump pressure and the Nespresso capsule system, you can be sure of espresso with a thick crema.
  • Added features: The best thing about this machine is its energy saving feature. The machine automatically shuts off after 10 minutes, thus saving energy.

This espresso maker takes only 25 seconds to heat up.

  • Warranty: This product comes with a 100% warranty period of 2 years.


  • Super easy to set up and use
  • Energy saving mode shuts off the machine automatically after 10 minutes
  • Delivers an authentic cup of espresso with rich crema
  • Affordable price
  • 20 bar pump pressure
  • 2 years of warranty period


  • The water tank is smaller compared to other coffee makers
  • Limited to use of Nespresso capsules only

The Espresso maker by Mueller is highly durable, with a high level of performance and comes at a low price. This product is a great buy for beginners because it is easy to set up and use. All functions can be performed by a single touch.

  1. Mr. Coffee One touch Coffeehouse Espresso MachineMr. Coffee One touch Coffeehouse Espresso Machine

The brand Mr.Coffee is well known for making one of the best machines for brewing coffee for decades. Their One-touch espresso and cappuccino machine is an all-in-one buy for those who love to drink hot Italian espresso or cappuccino or lattes while sitting at home.

Some of its important features are:

  • Design: Mr. Coffee house is known for its compact sized coffee machines. It is the same with this model too. The design and size are built to blend well in your kitchen and look classy too. This model has a premium plastic built with stainless steel manual buttons, making it look sleek.

It comes with transparent water and milk reservoir (650 ml) attached to the side that can be easily removed and cleaned. You can also store the left-over milk along with its tank in the fridge directly after use.

It is super easy to use with all drinks accessible just by the click of a single button.

  • Versatility: The best thing about this machine is that you do not need to be a pro to brew authentic coffee drinks. Your favorite cup of espresso, latte, and cappuccino are all just a button away. You can click the button for the specific drink from the control panel. It also gives the option for a single shot or double shot espresso.

This model also features an automatic milk frother, that can whip any kind of milk into a foamy froth easily.

  • Pressure: This coffee machine comes with 19 bars of Italian pump pressure which is perfect to brew you an authentic Italian espresso at home.
  • Drink quality: With its 19 bars of pressure pump along with the automatic milk frother, you can be sure to receive top-quality coffee drinks with this machine.
  • Added features: The machine uses the thermal block heating system which ensures fasting heating time and more hot water or steam for your drinks.

There is also a foam knob that allows you to choose the amount of foam you want in your drink.

The cup tray adjusts to fit in both short and tall mugs.


  • Super easy to use and perfect for beginners
  • Specific coffee drinks just a click away
  • Thermal block heating system
  • Automatic frother
  • 19 bars of pump pressure


  • Cannot make latte art with an automatic frother

The One-Touch Espresso and Cappuccino machine by Mr.Coffee comes at a very affordable price and is a good investment because of its quality of drink and durability.

  1. Breville Barista Express BES870XL Espresso MachineBreville Barista Express BES870XL Espresso Machine

The Barista Express BES870XL espresso maker by Beville is one of the most popular espresso machines among coffee lovers. The quality of espresso or latte and the durability of the product is excellent. You can never go wrong with this coffee maker. It has many unique features that make it truly worth the investment.

Some of its amazing features are:

  • Design: This espresso machine has an impeccable design with a fully brushed stainless steel built. It is highly durable, looks very stylish and will suit perfectly on your kitchen counter at home. One of the best features is that it comes with a coffee burr grinder attached to it. In addition to this, you also have a dial that allows you to control the size of the coffee grind regardless of the type of bean you are grinding. It has a removable water tank of 2L capacity with a handle attached for easy handling. The whole machine is easy to clean and handle, and it even has a hideaway compartment to store the cleaning tools etc.
  • Versatility: This coffee maker will give you the true taste of espresso with its dose control feature. For a full flavor, you can choose 19-22 g of coffee in your drink to enjoy delicious espressos. Another amazing feature of this machine is that it comes with dual-wall filters (pressurized) for beginners to help them regulate pressure and optimize the extraction process. While, for the experienced baristas, it has a single dual-wall filter that is non-pressurized that allows you to experiment with a different parameter such as grind size, tamping pressure, and grind amounts.
  • Pressure: The machine boasts of a 15 bar pump pressure which is sufficient for brewing a true Italian Espresso in the comfort of your home.
  • Drink quality: The many features of this model such as controlling the dose of coffee along with choosing the size of your coffee grind, ensure the best cup of espresso ever. Every coffee lover knows the distinct aroma and flavor of freshly ground coffee which is better than any. With this product, you can enjoy a full-bodied flavor of an authentic espresso anytime you want.
  • Added features: A unique feature of this model is the digital temperature control technology of the infuser which ensures that the temperature is kept at an optimum during the brewing process.

This model also uses a thermal coil heating-system that delivers your cup of coffee quickly.

  • Stylish
  • Brews full-bodied espressos
  • Highly durable
  • Temperature control system


  • May take time to learn its functions fully

The Breville Barista Express BED870XL espresso maker is totally worth the money because of its top-notch quality espressos and other coffee drinks. It is a great buy for both beginners and pros.


  1. Ninja CF112 Single Serve Coffee MakerNinja CF112 Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Ninja coffee makers are known for their versatility in their coffee machines. Their CF112 coffee maker is no different when it comes to the types of coffee drinks you can brew with it. This single brewer is the perfect entry-level machine for beginners because of its simplicity and unique features that will brew you the kind of coffee drink you prefer.

Some of its amazing features are:

  • Design: This coffee maker is built t last with its stainless steel construction. It has a transparent and detachable water tank to one side and a built-in milk frother to the other. The milk frother has both cold and hot frothing capabilities for your choice of drink. The control panel has buttons for every 5 types of brewing options and a regulator to select the cup size of your drink.

One of the unique features of this machine is the Auto –IQ -one-touch intelligence. This feature allows you to just select the type of brew you like and the machine will automatically dispense the required amount of water for the drink.

  • Versatility: There isn’t any other coffee machine that can match the versatility of Ninja coffee makers. This machine allows you to brew your coffee in 5 different ways-
  • Classic– Your typical cup of coffee
  • Rich– Little stronger than the classic that will taste better with milk
  • Iced– Brewed hot and ice added to give you a mix of cold coffee
  • Specialty– A coffee concentrate to make espressos or lattes
  • Café forte– A full-bodied drink to emphasize your coffee grounds and best-consumed black.

This coffee maker also lets you choose any kind of coffee grounds because it is pod-free, thus ensuring a fresh and aromatic coffee every time.

  • Drink quality: A coffee machine that delivers any kind of coffee drink can make you skeptical regarding its quality of drinks. However, this is not the case with the CF112 model. This coffee maker ensures every cup of coffee drinks is smooth, delicious and aromatic. With its thermal flavor- extraction technology, the coffee grounds are extracted at optimal temperatures for best quality drinks.
  • Accessory: The whole set comes with one hot and one cold tumbler, a measuring scoop, and a recipe book.
  • Warranty: This model comes with a limited warranty of 1 year.


  • Auto IQ –one-touch technology
  • 5 brewing options in one machine
  • Easy to use
  • Built in milk frother for both cold and hot milk froths
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Size is a bit larger than most other makers
  • Only a single-serve option

The CF112 coffee machine by Ninja coffee makers is a very good investment because of the different types of coffee drinks it provides with just one machine. It is very easy to operate and will ensure barista style coffee brews at home.


De'Longhi Lattisma Plus Espresso Maker10.  De’Longhi Lattisma Plus Espresso Maker

The Lattisma Plus Espresso maker is famous for its premium quality lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos. It brings together the Nespresso capsule system and the milk container technology by De’Longhi to give you the luxury of barista style coffee at home.

Some of its important features are:

  • Design: The Lattisma plus has a compact and boxy design and is built with stainless steel and heavy-duty plastic. The size of the machine is small and can easily fit in your kitchen cabinet or corner. You can choose your favorite coffee drinks with just the touch of a button on the control panel. It has a transparent water tank ( 30 ounces) at the back and a transparent milk reservoir in front. Both are detachable and ensures hassle-free cleaning.

This coffee maker is super easy to use- you just need to pop in a capsule and press the button for your drink and voila, your cup of coffee drink is ready.

It also has an energy saving mode with an automatic shut-off feature.

The thermal block heating technology in this coffee maker speeds up the heating time to just a few seconds.

  • Versatility: The machine comes with 2 coffee and 3 milk options using the Nespresso capsules to give you your desired drink. The different Nespresso capsules, each with a unique aroma and flavor gives you the luxury of experiencing the best cup of coffee drink. It has a drip tray that adjusts according to the size of your coffee drink.
  • Pressure: To ensure authentic Italian espresso or Americano or cappuccino, this coffee maker has 19 bars of pump pressure for optimum quality. De’Longhi’s system of espresso extraction delivers the desired temperature for every coffee drink.
  • Drink quality: The use of Nespresso Original capsule system guarantees the finest espressos. In addition, you get the De’Longhi’s cappuccino system (automatic) that gives you a rich and thick layer of foam and perfectly layered coffee beverage.
  • Added features: The machine system ensures optimum temperature which allows you to brew one cup after the other continuously.

The integrated milk container dispenses the required amount of milk during the extraction process. You can easily remove the milk tank from the unit and refrigerate it directly.


  • Uses Nespresso Original line capsule system
  • Energy saving mode
  • All coffee drinks just a single button away
  • Sturdy and compact built
  • High-quality, authentic espressos
  • Automatic shut-off feature


  • Limited to use of only Nespresso capsules
  • Can be a little heavy
  • Can be a little expensive

The Lattisma Plus espresso machine by De’Longhi is worth the investment because it guarantees you an authentic cup of your favorite espresso or late in the confines of your home.


De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM3300 Espresso Machine11. De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM3300 Espresso Machine

The stylish Magnifica ESAM3300 Espresso maker by De’Longhi is one of the best coffee machines that one can own at home. With its unique “beans-to-brew” system, this coffee maker will deliver authentic barista-style coffee drink every time. It comes with a lot of unique features not available in other coffee machines.

Some of its important features are:

  • Design: The Magnifica is designed in Italy so you can be assured about the quality of the coffee maker. This super-automatic coffee machine has a sturdy and stylish look with a silver finish and is highly durable. The best part is that it comes with 2 stainless steel boilers for optimum heat distribution along with instant reheat of the machine. This helps in keeping the machine at an ideal temperature between cup intervals. It has a quiet burr coffee grinder on top with 13 settings suit your specific grinding level. It also comes with a transparent removable 60-ounce water tank. The machine has a heat-up time of approximately 75 seconds.
  • Versatility: This coffee maker is very versatile and can provide you with 5 coffee drink options-Espresso ( multiple-lengths), latte, cappuccino, Americano, and hot water. It can also deliver a single shot or double shot espresso depending on your preference. You can opt for a macchiato, creamy latte or flat white by adjusting the levels of foam from the adjustable cappuccino system.

One of the most popular and unique features of the Magnifica is that you can programme the machine with your ideal espresso preferences and the machine remembers all the details. So, the next time it will dispense your customized espresso without any hassle.

  • Drink quality: The beans-to-brew system of Magnifica guarantees a delicious espresso with a fresh aroma since the beans are freshly ground. The instant reheat feature of the machine also ensures optimum temperature for all your cups of coffee.
  • Added features: The cappuccino system allows for any size of milk container to be used because it rotates 180 degrees.

It has an exclusive cup warming tray that keeps your coffee cups warm.

  • Warranty: It comes with a warranty period of 2 years.


  • Unique beans-to-brew system for a fresh aromatic coffee every time
  • No waiting time between brews because of the instant reheat function
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Can customize your ideal espresso drink
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Coffee grinder Is quieter than most coffee machines


  • The water reservoir isn’t that large

The Magnifica ESAM3300 Espresso maker by De’Longhi is a one-time investment for all coffee lovers and is a great buy if you are looking for quality and performance.


Silvia Rancilio Espresso Maker12. Silvia Rancilio Espresso Maker

The latest Silvia model by Rancilio is a good entry-level espresso maker for home use. Rancilio is a renowned name in the coffee biz for their excellence in quality and durability. The price is on the higher end, but you won’t regret spending on this incredible piece.

Some of its amazing features are:

  • Design: The Silvia model was built to last. It has an iron frame construction with brushed stainless steel panels that ensure incredible durability of the product.It is built with commercial group head of Rancilio to ensure maximum heat stability and optimum extraction. A 58 mm in diameter ergonomic portafilter has been added in Silvia so that the coffee spreads evenly over the surface. The filter comes with a handle and filter holder and guarantees quality extraction. It comes with a single boiler made up of brass (marine grade) with a capacity of 12 oz. This is the largest boiler in any home use coffee machine. It comes with a 67-ounce removable water tank which can be refilled from the top. In addition to this, it also has a stainless steel steam wand through which you can steam milk or boil water.
  • Versatility:The Silvia can brew you authentic espresso or cappuccino or any other coffee drink. The movable steam wand lets you steam milk and boils water as well. It is perfect for a cup of both espresso and Americano.
  • Drink quality: The unique features of this product ensures that there is no compromise on the quality of your espresso. The ergonomic portafilter guarantees optimum extraction of the ground coffee to deliver delicious and smooth espresso shots every time.
  • Pressure: This coffee machine comes with a 1 bar pump pressure which is sufficient to give you optimum extraction, thus delivering a true and authentic cup of espresso.
  • Added features: The 3-way solenoid valve feature reduces water pressure on the coffee after brewing is over, thus preventing post-drips and ensuring a clean process.

The Silvia comes with a set of 3 thermostats to ensure that the espresso, boiler, and steam are on the same level to give you consistency.

There is a cup warmer on top of the machine which can hold up to 6 espresso cups at a time.


  • Extremely durable with top-quality materials
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Authentic espressos using freshly ground coffee


  • Do not come with a temperature control system

The Rancilio Silvia espresso maker is totally worth the price and money you spend on it. It will last for decades and will perform efficiently.


Breville Oracle Touch BES990BSS1BUS1 Espresso Machine13. Breville Oracle Touch BES990BSS1BUS1 Espresso Machine

The Oracle Touch is like the dream coffee maker for most coffee lovers. This coffee machine comes at a price only a few can afford, and it is not only fully-automatic but also one of the best coffee makers available today. The Oracle Touch gives you the luxury of café quality coffee at home with just a simple swipe and touches feature.

Some of its incredible features are:

  • Design: Hailed as being one of the best-looking coffee machines, the Oracle touch has a full brushed stainless steel finish with excellent durability. It features a 4 inch- TFT display that gives you various options to select your drink, change settings or save personalized custom drinks.

A conical coffee burr grinder is attached on top with a knob which allows you to control the size of your grind. The machine comes with a set of two boiler- one each for heating milk and for the espresso.

One of the best features of this product is its self-cleaning steam wand. After steaming is over, the wand forces steam out of its tip and clean itself.

  • Versatility: With just a simple swipe and select option, this product gives you your choice of espresso, latte, cappuccino or flat white at home. The steam wand can texture the milk to your preferred temperature and taste, thus giving you a delicious milky foam.
  • Drink quality: You can be sure to get only top-quality coffee drinks with the Oracle Touch. Its many features like to grind coffee just before brewing, with its designated dose of 22 g, and the low-pressure pre-infusion technology ensures tasty and creamy coffee drinks.
  • Pressure: The Oracle Touch uses an Over- Pressure Valve (OPV) feature that reduces the maximum pressure applied during extraction, which helps in preventing bitter flavors.
  • Added features: You can save and name up to 8 customized coffee settings according to your preference.

The Oracle Touch use (PID) digital temperature technology that helps in maintaining optimum temperature and stability during brewing.

  • Warranty: The product comes with a warranty period of 2 years.


  • Fully automatic and easy to use
  • A steam wand that cleans itself
  • A Clean and efficient brewing process
  • Adjustable grinding coffee size
  • Very durable
  • A dual boiler that lets you steam and brew at the same time


  • Product is expensive
  • The machine is heavy and big in size
  • The dose of coffee cannot be adjusted

The Oracle Touch by Breville is an investment of a lifetime if you like to sip barista style coffee while sitting at home. The price can be high, but it is totally worth the money. It guarantees durability and life-long delicious and smooth coffee.


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