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Top 10 Best Fitness Trackers (2020) – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Looking For the Top 10 Best Fitness Trackers? Look No Further!

Just 10 years ago, not many would have thought that the fitness tracker would one day become a part of our daily reality! Remember the times when people just ran randomly and worked out keeping the amount of sweat as a standard measuring unit? The level of ease that such a “small gadget” can add to your fitness regimin would have been unfathomable then. Like something from the original “Men in Black” movie, ‘It silently sits on your wrists taking up minimal space, and still plays the most vital role in determining your fitness level. is here to help with our choices for the Best Fitness Tracker of the year along with our reasons for picking them. This list will not leave you wanting!

A fitness tracker’s primary role is to keep track of the distance or amount of steps you’ve walked or jogged in a given time period. It can also help you to monitor your calorie consumption by keeping track of your daily nutrients. Additionally, many now monitor your heartbeat rate and sleep quality. To do so, modern day fitness trackers use a combination of pedometers, acclerometers, and altimeters, but really, you only need to know how any of those work to use the simple interface featured in all of the trackers on our list. What can’t these fitness trackers do? 🙂

Now, in 2019, we are bombarded with an array of options. Anyone who is serious about their fitness regimen cannot ignore the relevance and convenience of owning a quality fitness tracker. It makes the whole process of staying fit many times more achievable by eliminating the need to make possibly innacurate assumptions about your diet or exercise requirements and progress.

Fitness trackers, These “smartwatches” are taking the guess-work out of your work-out!

In the short amount of time since the birth of the fitness tracker, many have come out to flood the market. The earliest examples of these now wirelessly synced, sleek, devices, were quite different. Known as “bicycle computers” a not-so-similar monitoring device that could be seen as a primitive version of the fitness tracker came along in the 1990’s. Even earlier, in 1981, came wearable heart rate monitors used typically for atheletes. In the 2000’s the true “fitness tracker” was born and in less than 20 years they have come a very long way. Now, in 2019, we have a seemingly endless list of options. It can be time consuming to decipher the differences and then compare each fitness tracker when you’re choosing which to buy. With you in mind, we have hand picked our choices for the Ten Best Fitness Trackers (sometimes known as ‘activity trackers’ according to wiki) available for purchase today. We want to completely ease the pain that comes with going through a chaotic selection process, rather, you can trust us to do the work for you. We’ve done our research and our list starts here:

1. Letsfit Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor 

Overview of Letsfit Fitness Tracker

Ah, the first product on the list. As the name suggests, the Letsfit tracker is one of the best fitness trackers available on the market at present, particularly for those seeking durable quality with a super low price tag. It is also one of the best-rated fitness trackers on Amazon, and that speaks to the effectiveness of this tracker.

Overall this tracker is simple and sleek, especially in black. It comes in 5 colors at present, giving a more “customized” feel. We appreciate the simple look of this, but its functionality and practicality are what makes this a standout product. Just like what you would you expect from a fitness tracker, it executes its job efficiently in tracking your steps, monitoring your heart rate, sleep quality and the number of calories you burn from different activities in a day. It does all this “neatly” and delivers the information in a way that is easy to understand. It may be difficult to find another fitness tracker this capable, also in this price range.

The Letsfit fitness tracker has dimensions* of 9.5 x 0.5 x 0.4 inches, and weighs 0.64 ounces (0.017 kg). It is available on Amazon for under $30.


  • Multi-featured: apart from tracking your steps (run, walk or jog), it also monitors your heart rate, sleep duration/quality, calorie count, and features an alarm, and a reminder feature. Pretty cool!
  • Notifications: you can enable this tracker to allow you to receive notifications when you receive messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, texts, Linkedin, etc
  • Google Play App: Letsfit has a dedicated app on the Google Play Store to provide additional features and added security. This feature is not available on all fitness trackers*
  • Sedentary reminder: if you are having a “couch potato” day, this tracker will gently remind you to engage in some physical activity
  • Simple charging: the cordless charging feature allows you to charge your fitness tracker with ease and optimal convenience

Set Up

The setting up process is quite simple with this model. In fact, it’s about as easy as it can get, and involves only some basic ‘installation’ procedures. The whole process takes a couple of minutes without any complicated steps. You will just install the app and follow the quick step by step.

Once you install the app, you can then proceed to make the customizations to your notification settings. The app itself is quite user friendly.


The performance factor of the Letsfit fitness tracker, besides its affordable price, is a main highlight. It does everything you would expect from a higher-end fitness tracker with minimal issues. It keeps track of your heart rate, your runtime duration, steps and distance, calorie count, and sleep quality with ease and efficiency. It faces little to no problems in achieving all that, and the fact that it costs less than its counterparts only adds to its impressive performance factor. It may not be the top fitness tracker on the market but considering the price range of the Letsfit fitness tracker; we think it deserves a spot on our list.


  • Waterproof
  • Google Play App
  • Superior durability
  • Available in 5  different colors
  • Notification alarm
  • Excellent value for money √


  • Needs to be charged every 2-3 days

2. TIISON Fitness Tracker 

fitness tracker warranty
Overview of Tiison Fitness Tracker

The Tiiscon fitness tracker is the next fitness tracker product that you should shortlist on your smartwatch shopping trip. Tiiscon brand boasts itself of its build quality and also its practicality. These claims are backed by their lifetime warranty for Tiiscon fitness tracker. This adds confidence and trust and assures you of the product’s quality.

The Tiiscon also has no reported problems with compatibility, and it comes fully compatible with both Android as well as iOS platform. This ensures it is a simple process to sync your fitness tracker with any of your available devices.

The Tiiscon Fitness Tracker has the dimension of 4.1 x 4.1 x 1.6 inches and weighs 4 ounces (0.113 kg). It is available on Amazon, and the price range starts around $30!


  • The Tiiscon fitness tracker features abundant functionality such as counting steps, monitoring heart rate, steps and running duration and distance
  • The remote camera feature enables you to take pictures by remotely controlling your device’s camera actions 
  • Calorie burn notification alarm notifies you of the number of calories you have burned as a result of running/jogging or dieting
  • The GPS tracker enables you to keep track of your distance
  • The alarm system works to notify you of all the notifications that you receive on your smartphone and displays the message as well
  • The sedentary reminder works as a friendly reminder that you may have had an excess amount of rest time
  • It features a USB charging method which is simple and easy


The overall design of the product is solid for the price. It’s sturdy and lightweight at once, and you won’t feel like you’re wearing cheap plastic around your wrist. The manufacturers pride themselves in the overall durable build quality, and once you own it, you will likely come to that conclusion quickly as well.

The design features a 0.96-inch touchscreen, which is a nice size. The design also features detachable clock face (the main screen) and comes in alternate color options as well. We love to customize. 🎨

Set Up

The set-up process requires a set of specific instructions which are quite basic and easy to implement. The manual guide comes in handy with its helpful and clear instructions. The first step involves downloading its app which can be done in a flash by scanning the QR code from the user manual.

After downloading the app, you will follow some simple step by step instructions to pair your fitness tracker to your smartphone. Viola


The performance of the Tiiscon fitness tracker is average. It’s not the best, but it’s far from being underwhelming. It may not perform as well as other high-end trackers but looking at its pricing to performance ratio we determined that it is quite a good value. The product has good running time as well with 5-7 days on one battery charge which takes only 2 hours.

Pros and Cons 


  • Waterproof
  • Remote camera control
  • Sturdy build
  • Good value for money
  • Customizable clock face
  • Good battery life
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS


    • Average performance level

      3. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

      LETSCOM fitness trackerOverview of Letscom Fitness Tracker

      The next on our list is the Letscom fitness tracker. Assuming you are not a newbie to fitness trackers and wearable sensors, Letscom should be familiar to you. The brand is well known for their budget friendly fitness tracking products and is popular amongst fitness enthusiasts looking for a good fitness tracking device at the low – medium price range. Now, it may not be “Fitbit” popular, but it is making a name for itself rapidly. The Letscom fitness tracker comes loaded with useful features that are very impressive considering how lits perpetually low price.

      The Letscom HR fitness tracker weights 0.8 ounces (0.02 kg) (which is extremely lightweight), and has the dimension of 9.4 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches. It is available on Amazon for $29.98


      • It features an IP67 water resistance feature, which is enough for any kind of low – medium water exposure such as rain, and washing hands, etc. This tracker would not be suitable for swimming or diving.
      • It features a 0.96 LED screen that displays all the vital monitoring units for you in a crisp and clear manner. This clock face is also customizable to suit your unique style.
      • This tracker notifies you instantly in case of any phone calls or messages, and you can also enable the “read incoming message” option to allow you to read texts as they come in.
      • The Letscom fitness tracker monitors your heart rate; records calories burned, syncs your time and date, has an anti-loss alarm, remote camera control, sedentary alert – which are all considered as standard features in any quality fitness tracker.
      • It’s default GPS system works well in monitoring your most taken route for jogging, and records the route automatically while comparing your run and walk times. 


      The design of the Letscom HR fitness tracking band can be described as absurdly lightweight. It also has good build quality, and it pulls off its durable material convincingly. Like most fitness trackers, Letscom has a battery with a capacity of 65 mAh. The product also has a bluetooth connectivity transmission range of about 32.8 feet.

      The Letscom fitness tracker is designed to be compatible with both Android (4.0 and above) and iOS (7.1 and above). The normal running duration lasts about 5 – 10 days, and full charging takes up to 2 hours.

      Set Up

      The set up process is not a big deal, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the basic instruction on the user manual. The main step is to download the Letsfit app from Google Play Store or iTunes store, for free of course.

      After downloading the app, you’ll want to pair your smartphone with the tracker via bluetooth, and you’re good to go! 🏃🏽‍♂️

      The device will automatically sync the date and time, and it will also regularly sync your details from the tracker to the app so you never have to.


      If you are considering to buy a “budget” fitness tracker, you have to weigh out its price to performance ratio. The Letscom doesn’t perform as perfectly as you would expect from a high-end device but given its price point; it is more than what you can expect. The monitoring system all works fine, with some little exceptions on the heart rate monitoring feature which has shown to be less than accurate for some users.

      The notification and other related alarm system performs well too without many significant problems to consider.


      • Excellent value for money √
      • Customizable with different color options
      • LED screen displays monitoring units clearly
      • Solid design
      • App for Google Play/iTunes


      • Some customers reported innacurate step count

      4. Willful Fitness Tracker 

      willful fitness tracker redOverview of Willful Fitness Tracker

      The next choice on our list is the Willful fitness tracker, which is one of the best-rated fitness tracker available on the market. The Willful fitness tracker’s main standout factor has to be its super sleek design and appearance. This doesn’t lack performance wise either, but it’s smart looking and clean appearance deserves special mentioning.

      The Willful fitness tracker is your ideal companion if you are looking for a good fitness that performs well and is also something that you can show off.

      The Willful fitness tracker has the dimensions of 5.5 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches. It is available on Amazon for around $35


      • Real-time heart rate monitoring system allows it to track your heart beat all throughout the day accurately. In fact its one only a few products that do this efficiently ❤️
      • The silent alarm system and sleep monitoring feature enable you to keep track of your sleeping duration and wake up peacefully
      • The Willful fitness tracker is capable of performing efficiently throughout different modes of running/jogging/walking. It also works effectively with up to 14 different types of sports ranging from yoga to playing football.
      • The IP68 water resistance is more than capable of withstanding severe water exposure conditions. Unlike other trackers inability to perform under swimming or diving conditions, it can fully operate up to 3 metres diving
      • It also comes packed with other vital features such as remote camera control, built-in USB charging, sedentary reminder, notification reminder, etc, Just to make this smartwatch even better! 


      The design, as mentioned above, is among the most sleek and clean fitness trackers available. Add that sleek design to a clear, intuitive display, and you have got lots to be happy about with this model. The whole build and material is also great overall and feels solid without looking bulky in any sense. Rather, it feels as lightweight as it looks slim. It wears nicely.

      The tracker is designed with a 0.96-inch clock face which has a TFT LCD Color display. The Willful fitness tracker is more than capable of delivering high-quality displays of your monitoring units. The tracker also has 2 colors of TPU straps available to give you more styling choices.

      Set Up

      The set up requires your smartphone to be at least Android version 4.4 above or iOS 7.1 above. Once you’ve met the basic software requirement, you will download the “VeryfitPro” app either from the Google Play store or the Apple store. Once you’ve installed the app, pair your device with the fitness tracker via Bluetooth. The tracker automatically syncs your personal details as well as date and time, that’s basically it!


      The performance of the Willful fitness tracker is proving to impress. The basic monitoring systems including sleep quality monitoring, tracking/jogging/running data, pedometer monitoring with step count all work fine with minimal difficulty. Some customers report that it seems to be unable to track climbing flights of stairs.

      The various notification features and settings also work well. Verify that your device is compatible with this fitness tracker before purchasing.

      The battery back-up is excellent with a good amount of running time (up to 7 days) and requires only 2 hours to charge fully.


      • Slim and lightweight design
      • Fully operational under water up to 3 meters
      • Attractive
      • Color options
      • Excellent battery life (Up to 7 days)
      • Cear and crisp HD display
      • Excellent heart rate monitoring capability


      • Not compatible with all devices

      5. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker 

      Fitbit Charge 3Overview of Fitbit Charge 3

      Ok, let’s jump to the product or brand that any list of wireless-enabled wearable technology would be lacking without. After all, Fitbit has created a niche for itself as the standard measuring stick of the fitness tracking market. The 5th product on our list is the Fitbit Charge 3, which is a good combination of performance as well as value.

      In fact, the Fitbit charge 3 fitness tracker is the #1 best in the Activity Trackers category on Amazon. The Charge 3 has all the basic requirements of a proper fitness tracker – it tracks the heart rate throughout the day along with step count monitoring. What’s unique about it? Well, the Fitbit charge 3 does all that with optimal efficiency.

      The Fitbit Charge 3 weights 7.4 ounces which is equivalent to 0.21 kg. The product has the dimension of 1.6 x 4 x 8.9 inches and is available on Amazon for around $150


      • The Fitbit charge 3 has excellent water-resistant technology that is more than capable of handling water activities such as swimming 
      • The personalized and unique breathing sessions notify you to take proper breaths at certain times to remind you to be calm and present
      • The personal dashboard is intuitive, unique and effective. It helps you to view all the major monitoring units simultaneously without having to swipe or press too many complicated buttons
      • It has more than 15 built in exercise modes that help you to stay motivated to keep exercising
      • The Fitbit charge 3 has a special feature that tracks female health cycles 
      • It automatically records the amount of time you spent on different sleeping conditions (light, REM, and deep sleep), and monitors your sleep activity and quality of sleep.
      • The Charge 3 includes features such as notification alert, alarm, calories burned, real-time running/jogging progress, to name a few.
      • The Charge 3 also features a “quick reply” to incoming messages, but that is only applicable for Android devices  


      The design and the build quality of the Fitbit Charge 3 fitness tracker is nothing short of spectacular. It combines durability with great body and material quality so that it feels very premium to wear yet not too bulky.

      The Fitbit Charge 3 has an upgraded design and superior material than its predecessor-the Fitbit Charge 2.* The Fitbit comes with a personal dashboard that enables you to get visual access to your health and running/jogging/walking activities

      Set Up

      The set up process for the Fitbit Charge 3 is no different from the charge 2 (if you’re already familiar with it). Your device needs to have at least Android version 4.0 and above or iOS 7.0 above. The app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple store which is free. You then proceed to connect your fitness tracker to your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity… voila!


      The performance of the Fitbit Charge 3 certainly lives up to its expectations. Considering what Fitbit users were waiting for after the charge 2, this really was an upgrade in every sense. The whole monitoring system of charge 3 is more accurate and stable. The display stepped up as well to a touchscreen from the OLED tap that the charge 2 tracker had, which adds more convenience, and simplicity, and modernism.

      The battery back-up/active time is also increased to 7 hours from the 5-hour running time of charge 2. The battery takes less than 2 hours to charge fully.


      • Excellent build quality
      • Good water resistant feature
      • Available in different colors
      • Excellent battery life
      • Excellent tracking feature √
      • Very accurate √
      • Small and stylish
      • Touchscreen


      • High-end pricing
      • No date on the clock display

      6. Fitbit charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

      fitbit charge 2

      Overview of Fitbit Charge 2

      Yes, I know, the Fitbit Charge 3 is already on the list, so why bother with its predecessor? Well, that’s because many Fitbit users still prefer the charge 2 over its successor. The Charge 2 doesn’t lack in quality or performance aspect, and despite being tagged as “old” version, it is still one of the best fitness trackers in market. Let’s dive into the features.

      The Fitbit charge 2 weighs 1.28 ounces/ 0.034 kg, and has dimensions of 9.9 x 0.9 x 0. 5 inches. The Fitbit charge 2 is available on Amazon for around $120


      • Multi-sport tracking feature enables simple and easy recording of your various activities throughout the day –  from weightlifting to biking
      • The automatic detector in the wristwatch switches to different modes depending on how serious your exercise activity is, with no effort by you!
      • The all-day tracking mode records everything from a distance, calories burned, climbed stairs, and tracks your activity level per minute and hour
      • The Fitbit Charge 3 boasts and excellent battery life
      • There is a good amount of customization available in the form of detachable straps and clock faces
      • The Charge 2 is comparatively smaller than most fitness trackers, so it won’t feel uncomfortable to wear


      The design of the Charge is analogous to the Fitbit charge 3, except for some minor changes in the strap design. The major design change you will notice is the clock/monitoring screen. The Charge 2 has OLED tap display, as opposed to the touchscreen display in Charge 3.

      If you are a regular user of Fitbit products, you shouldn’t have any problems navigating through its simple design. The build and quality is rigid, both the straps and the clock screen share this quality. The straps come in different colors material options.

      Set Up 

      The set up remains the same for all fibit fitness wristwatches. As standard compatibility, your smartphone should have at least Android version 4.1, and iOS version 7.4 or above.

      Once you download the Fitbit app from Google Play or Apple store, the rest is done through a set of simple instructions that you have to follow, fast and easy.


      The performance level of the Charge 2 is still very impressive. Considering that it was released in 2016, the charge 2 is performing better than most fitness trackers, despite being overshadowed by the Charge 3. It may lack some of the latest features, but it has all the basic components that you are going to need and then some.

      The battery back-up is excellent, and it is easy to detach and charge as well. The connection via Bluetooth also works fine without any issues for most customers.


      • Quality is excellent
      • Customization options
      • Easy to navigate
      • Personalized clock face
      • Very hands free


      • Not a colored display
      • Not for swimming or shower use

      7. YAMAY Fitness Tracker 

      YAMAY fitness trackerOverview 

      The YAMAY fitness tracker is another great fitness smartwatch available on the market. It is one of the top products that will do everything that you need from a proper fitness tracker at a very competitive price, earning a spot on our list.

      You get all the features that the “new” fitness tracker generation is offering for an incredibly low price. In brief, the YAMAY fitness tracker has one of the best features to price ratio on the market.

      The YAMAY fitness tracker weighs 2.24 ounces (0.06 kg), and its dimension measures 5.8 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches. It is available on Amazon for 35.89


      • The Yamay fitness tracker features different sporting modes (up to 14) to enable you to track all your activities under different conditions 
      • The Yamay fitness tracker efficiently records your calorie burn, number of steps, distance, and duration of the run
      • The heart rate monitoring feature allows you to keep track of your heart health when you’re performing various activities
      • The Yamay fitness tracker features IP68 waterproofing that enables you to use the tracker under any water exposing conditions such as swimming and diving 💦
      • The connected GPS allows you to monitor and memorize your preferred running/hiking route
      • The battery life is durable and lasts for up to 5-7 days of active usage
      • The Yamay fitness tracker supports call/SMS notification alert from your inbox as well different social networking sites     
      • Easy and simple USB charging method


      The design of the Yamay fitness tracker is simple and exquisite to look at. The clock face runs throughout the surface without any border lining in the upper face. The black screen runs down the side edges as well, so you feel like the clock face is significantly larger, and a solid silver border lining compliments the screen.

      The built-in quality is also solid and doesn’t feel too rigid or thick. The screen itself features a colored HD display, so it’s easy to navigate as well as view the details, all with a clear and beautiful display.

       Set Up

      The set up for the Yamay fitness tracker requires either Android 4.4 or iOS 7.1 above. The app you will want to download is “VeryfitPro” which is free and available on both Google Play and Apple store. The app is only compatible with smartphones, and is not for PC, tablet or iPad.

      You only need to pair your tracker with your smartphone via Bluetooth and the tracker does the rest of syncing for you, it’s that easy.


      The performance of the Yamay fitness tracker as stated before is quite excellent. The price to performance ratio will be more than what you expect from a “budget” fitness tracker. The tracker works efficiently in every aspect. The 24 hours heart rate monitoring and the various pedometer monitoring factors also check out.

      The battery back-up also performs well with a working duration of about 5-7 days.


      • Great value for money √
      • Full waterproof design √
      • Available in 6 different color options
      • Design is simple and effective
      • Accurate sleep quality tracking
      • Excellent battery life
      • Colored display


      • Customers reported a buggy app

      8. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

      LETSCOM fitness trackerLetscom Fitness Tracker w/ HR Monitor Overview 

      The next fitness tracker on our list is another Letscom product. It’s no wonder why one should always keep a Letscom product on their wish list whilst shopping for fitness wristwatches. They have one of the best-priced products on the market with ample features that make Letscom a standout product and a great brand overall.

      The one thing you will find unique about this particular Letscom fitness tracker is its design and simple looks. The tracker also has all the basic features that anyone would need from a fitness tracker, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing with this model.

      This Letscom has the dimension of 2.9 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches, and weighs about 0.02 kg/0.8 ounces. It is available on Amazon for starting price range of around $28 😲 Yes, you read that right. We were equally as stunned.


      • This Letscom features a water-resistance level that can withstand low to moderate water exposure such as rain and hand washing
      • The sedentary alarm vibrates to remind you that you should be active if you sit for the long duration
      • The notification and call alerts works efficiently to help you to receive/reject incoming calls and read messages as well, all from your smartwatch
      • The recording feature allows you to keep track of the number of steps you’ve walked. It also calculates the amount of time (in minutes) you have been active each day
      • The sleep tracking feature keeps accurate recordings of your sleeping quality and duration 
      • It features a built-in USB charging method and is next to effortless to charge



      The design of this Letscom fitness tracker is simple and thin. With this model it tends to be a straightforward case of “love it” or “hate it.” Due to its consistent thickness, it appears like a simple wristband. To us, that’s what makes it unique, and we quite like it. It wears like a sturdy bracelet and is comfortable to wear for extended periods.

      The clock screen is smaller than the average screen at 0.86 inches instead of the more common 0.96-inch display. 

      Set Up 

      The set up process is simple and takes only some couple of minutes before you can use the tracker effectively. Their app, “VertfitPro” is a free Android/iOS app that can be downloaded right from your smartphone.

      The data syncing is automatic and takes minimal time once you’ve paired it up with your tracker.


      The performance of this Letscom fitness tracker model is higher than average and is certainly greater than what you might expect from such a budget friendly product. Customers have reported good battery life along with fast charging  times. ✅


      • Simple and sleek design
      • Good value for money
      • Good heart rate and pedometer reading
      • Lightweight
      • Excellent battery life and fast charging
      • Sleep tracker


      • Buggy app updates
      • Smaller screen

      9. Letsfit Fitness Tracker w/ Color Screen 

      Overview of Letsfit Fitness Tracker w/ Color Screen

      letsfit fitness trackerThe next on our top 10 list is another of “Letsfit” fitness wristwatch family of products. Earlier in the list we mentioned another “Letsfit” fitness tracker. You can take this particular model as a slight upgrade from the earlier model, in terms of both size and pricing.

      There are some notable differences in the features between these two models as well. This fitness tracker overall has a more “bulky” look to it, but that strictly applies to its appearance and it does not feel uncomfortable for most people to wear.

      This Letsfit tracker has the dimensions of 5.5 x 3.4 x 1.2 inches and is suitable for wrist sizes of up to 5.4 – 7.6 inches. The product weighs 3.2 ounces or 0.09 kg and is available on Amazon for around $36


      • The alerts allow you to receive notifications from various apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more
      • The waterproof capability is the primary difference between this particular model and the earlier Letsfit model that we listed. This product features IP68 water resistant which is suitable for swimming.
      • This Letsfit fitness tracker features 14 different sport monitoring settings that range from normal walking to hiking and more rigerous sprots.
      • It allows 24 hours heartbeat tracking that records your heart health throughout the various activities
      • It monitors your sleep quality and duration and features silent alarm (vibrating) 
      • Other vital features include remote camera control, wrist sense, etc


      The design on this Letsfit is quite simple, and that contributes positively to its other aspects. The wristwatch is comparatively bigger than the model that was listed earlier in our list. Its size is complimented by its simple and sleek appearance. This Letsfit model is suitble for those who like a bigger fitness watch.

      The TFT LCD color screen display is a huge step up, and it brings a freshness and clarity to the entire look of the clock face. The quality also feels solid and the materials used seem durable. Overall the design and the build are both above average.

      Set Up

      For set up, you want your smartphone to be running on Android 4.4 and above or iOS 7.1 above. The app you will download is called “VeryfitPro” which is free to download on both the respective software markets.

      This tracker comes with bluetooth version 4.0, and it does all the work of syncing with the app for you.


      The Letsfit fitness tracker has good performance overall. The heart rate recording, step count monitoring, and calorie counts all functions properly without any major frustration reported from customers. The water-proof is a welcoming feature, and that only enhances the performance of the tracker.

      The battery life is excellent with 5-10 days of running time and 1-2 hours of full charging time.


      • Great performance for its price
      • Crystal clear color LCD
      • Superior quality
      • Step counting and the GPS system both work well
      • Available in different colors
      • Suitable for swimming


      • Sleep recording is below average
      • The app needs some updates

      10. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

      LETSCOM fitness trackerOverview of Letscom Fitness Tracker

      The last product on the list is the Letscom Fitness Tracker, but it should not be mistaken for the least performing or the least preferred product. If anything, it’s opposite. The Letscom fitness tracker comes packed with features and hardly leaves any major features out, except for some small compromises which we will point out. Keep in mind the pricetag that comes with this fitness tracker when comparing features.

      The Letscom fitness tracker weights 0.8 ounces (0.02 kg) (very lightweight). This tracker has dimensions of 9.4 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches, and pricing starts from $30 on Amazon! 


      • The different sport activity modes allow you to track different activities accurately. The various sports modes range from walking to playing various sports such as basketball and tennis
      • Tracks your “achievements” 24 hours a day and keeps a record of your steps, calorie burn, activity duration (in minutes), running duration, and more
      • Tracks your sleep quality and detects how much time you spend in ‘light sleep’, ‘deep sleep’, and ‘awake sleep’ 
      • Features a 65 mAh battery, which delivers 7 days of active running time
      • This tracker features IP67 water resistant capability, which is suitable for low to medium water exposure 
      • Smart notifications allow you to receive phone call notifications and text alerts.
      • The sedentary alert feature also performs well to remind you to start being active when you have been resting for extended periods (we could all use that, right?)



      The overal design of this Letscom fitness tracker appears to be more on the high-quality side. The look is simple and elegant, and it pulls off its sleek style well. The clock face has a 0.96 inch OLED display

      Set Up 

      The Set Up process is simple. First, download the app from Play Store or Apple Store, and pair your smartphone with the tracker via bluetooth. The rest is done automatically for you.  


      The performance is just above average, and it does what you would expect from a decent fitness tracker. With the price range, you can consider this a good deal on a mid-range tracker device. The overall pedometer readings, calorie count, and heart rate monitor all work fine without many issues reported.


      • Sleek attractive design
      • Extremely lightweight
      • USB charging plug
      • Easy to set-up
      • Good value √


      • Not suitable for diving or swimming

      All the above-mentioned products are amongst the highest rated and most recommended fitness tracking products available on the market. Every product has a comparatively high performance to price ratio, so purchasing any products off this list would likely prove to be a productive investment. We hope this list has helped you to identify which fitness tracker will be suit your personal needs. Please subscribe to our email list for updates on other health-and-fitness related products and for updates made to this list.


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      In-depth Phen375 Review (2020) – Health Review Fairy

      Are you on the lookout for a natural supplement which will help you to lose weight in a fast and safe manner? At Health Review Fairy we love all natural products that are effective. If you happen to someone who is need of losing weight but worried that supplements will cause harm to your body, then Phen375 is the right supplement choice for you.  You should not look any further than the all natural, Phen375 weight loss supplement

      This weight loss supplement has been scientifically formulated using only natural ingredients to help people lose weight in a safe and risk-free manner. To add further value, Phen375 comes with a money back guarantee if you do not start seeing results in 30 days. This adds further value and assurance to the product.

      Hence, if a natural, drug-free approach to weight loss is in your mind then going with Phen375 is a no-brainer. This health supplement has also been verified by the FDA and a host of other food safety organizations, adding further peace of mind while consuming it.

      What is Phen375?

      Phen375 is a health supplement which has been scientifically formulated using only natural ingredients and is designed to help you lose weight without any side effects. Phen375 uses a combination of natural ingredients to help lose weight and it does so by accelerating the metabolism, improving digestion, suppressing appetite and a host of other biological activities to help burn more calories and lose weight. Since, Phen375 is composed of only natural ingredients you do not require a prescription to purchase it, as such it is easily available both online and offline.

      Who is Phen375 for?

      Phen375 is for individuals who wish to burn away any excess fats in their body so as to lose weight and become healthy in a safe and natural manner. With life becoming more hectic and stressful many individuals both old and young find themselves becoming overweight. Being overweight brings with it many ill effects, and poses a lot of health risks. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on one’s weight, so as to ensure a healthy mind and a healthy body. Phen375 thus finds itself as a perfect natural solution for health-conscious individuals who wish to burn away those extra fats, and start leading a healthy lifestyle.

      What are the main features of Phen375?

      Phen375 being a health supplements carries with it multiple features to help weight loss and its main features are as follows:

      1. Phen375 acts as a very powerful appetite suppressant and this helps individuals to keep their appetite in check, which effectively prevents cravings, over-eating and the urge to binge.
      2. Phen375 contains thermogenic boosters in its ingredients, and they are responsible for boosting the metabolism. This causes the body to burn more calories thus aiding in weight loss.
      3. Phen375 also contains energy boosting ingredients, which stimulate the mind, thus motivating the individual to engage in physical activities.
      4. Phen375 further contains fat cutters and burners in its ingredients thus helping the body to rapidly break down and metabolize fats.

      What are the ingredients of Phen375?

      The ingredients that go into making Phen375 an excellent supplement are all natural, and free of side effects. All these ingredients are naturally sourced and have undergone multiple scientific types of research and tests to ensure its effectiveness. The ingredients that make up Phen375 are as follows.

      1. Calcium carbonate: Calcium carbonate is a mineral which is required for the healthy formation and nourishment of bones. Besides, this it also has dietary benefits as it sends signals to the body indicating that is full and well nourished. Thus, calcium prevents the body from over-eating and over-consumption of calories.
      2. L-carnitine: This is an amino acid which is found in dairy products, chicken, beef, fish and whole meat. What L-carnitine does is that it breaks down stored fat and converts into energy, helping to burn fats.
      3. Caffeine anhydrous: Caffeine anhydrous helps to keep minds clear, increase energy levels and most importantly suppress appetite while boosting metabolism.
      4. Citrus aurantium: This ingredient is extracted from a citrus plant with the same name and contains synephrine. Synephrine combined with the other ingredients boosts metabolism thus promoting weight loss.
      5. Chromium Picolinate: This compound is found in the majority of weight loss supplements. Chromium Picolinate is responsible for regulating sugar levels in the body, thus helping to curb sugar cravings and suppresses the appetite.
      6. Cayenne pepper: Cayenne pepper contains the compound capsaicin, and this compound is known for increasing the body temperature, reducing the blood pressure and also suppresses the appetite.
      7. Coleus Forskolii Root PE: This compound is known to activate Adenylyl cyclase and also increases AMP levels in multiple cells thus helping to burn calories.
      8. Dendrobium Nobile Extract: This compound is extracted from orchids and is used to treat various digestive issues, plus it also increases physical performance as well.

      These are the ingredients that go into making PHEN375 and all these ingredients are certified safe and are manufactured in a safe facility which is FDA compliant. This ensures that PHEN375 adopts Good Manufacturing Practice.



      How does Phen375 work?

      To understand how PHEN375 works, let us first understand how fats get accumulated in the body. The body requires energy to perform work and this energy is fed to the body in the form of food which contains calories. The body thus burns calories and produces the energy required to do work. However, if a person consumes more calories than is required by his body then these extra calories get stored in the body in the form of fats, thus making a person overweight.

      Thus, for a person to lose weight, the body must burn the extra calories that are stored in the fats. There are multiple ways to help burn the calories stored in fats, and they include using fat burners, fat blockers, and appetite suppressants. As such, Phen375 has been formulated keeping all these ways in mind. The natural ingredients that go into making Phen375 possess all the above properties that are required to lose weight and they include increasing the metabolic rate, reducing the appetite and reducing the absorption of fats.

      There are a total of eight ingredients that go into making Phen375 an effective weight loss supplement and its workings are as follows.

      The first ingredient found in Phen375 is Calcium carbonate, and this mineral is responsible for sending signals when a body is full, thus blocking the urge to consume more. L-carnitine is the second ingredient and this compound helps in the breakdown of fats thus increasing the burning and conversion of fats into energy. Third, we have Caffeine anhydrous which is known for its appetite suppressing properties, thus blocking unwanted hunger and cravings while also boosting energy levels. The next ingredient Citrus Aurantium contains the stimulant compound synephrine which is known for its metabolism boosting properties. Cayenne pepper is another appetite suppressing ingredient which contains the appetite suppressing compound called capsaicin. Coleus Forskolii Root PE is the seventh ingredient and this ingredient activates and increases AMP levels in the cells which help to accelerate the burning of calories. The last ingredient found in Phen375 is Dendrobium Nobile Extract, and this compound is known for curing digestive ailments and issues, thus keeping the digestive system healthy.

      How should PHEN375 be consumed?

      PHEN375 comes in the form of tablets and the recommended dosage is two tablets a day. It should be consumed along with water and taken before or during meals twice a day. It is also advised to drink a healthy amount of water so as to avoid dehydration. For PHEN375 to work best a healthy diet should be followed and to start seeing results it is recommended to take the supplements for a minimum of three months.





      The Progress Chart of using Phen375

      To understand the effectiveness and to check the results of using Phen375 we have prepared a Progress chart. This Progress chart includes the data of a number of individuals who have been using Phen375 over a period of three months to help lose weight.


      Phen375 Testers Lindsey K. – age 55 Dave B. – age 42 Josh J. – age 68
      Lbs overweight            44             35            42
      30 Day Progress 33 pounds left 24 pounds left 33 pounds left
      60 Day Progress 20 pounds left 15 pounds left 21 pounds left
      90 Day Progress 11 pounds left 9 pounds left 12 pounds left


      The Progress chart shows the weight lost by individuals who consumed the Phen375 over a period of three months. As can be seen from the charts individuals lost an average of 10 to 15 pounds per month. However, this should also be taken with the fact that the individuals followed a healthy lifestyle to go along with it. This includes consuming a low calorie, yet balanced diet coupled with regular exercises. Therefore for the results to show, it is very important that one follows a strict routine without fail.

      Who should avoid using Phen375?

      Though Phen375 is made using only natural ingredients, there are safety precautions which should be taken before consuming it. Phen375 as such is not recommended for persons who have any of the signs mentioned below

      1. Pregnant or Breastfeeding
      2. Have High Blood Pressure
      3. Suffer from Cardiovascular diseases
      4. Allergic to any of the Ingredients of Phen375

      The Side Effects of Phen375

      Though Phen375 is made of natural ingredients, just like any weight loss supplements Phen375 is not free from side effects. Some of the most common side effects of Phen375 are as follows.

      1. Phen375 might lead to a slight increase in blood pressure after consumption and hence is not advisable for people with hypertension.
      2. Since Phen375 contains a few stimulants in the form of caffeine and citrus aurantium, this might cause sleeping disorders. It is thus advised to not take the supplement before going to bed.
      3. Because of the presence of a number of active ingredients, Phen375 may cause the irregularities in the digestive system. As such there might be changes in the bowel movement and the stool might exhibit inconsistencies.

      The Pros and Cons of Phen375

      Just like with any supplements available in the market Phen375 also carries with it, its own set of Pros and Cons and they are as follows.

      The Pros of Phen375

      1. The Ingredients that go into making Phen375 are all natural and they have been certified safe for consumption by the FDA.
      2. Results are seen within the first week of use and with extended usage, individuals can lose upwards of twenty-four pounds in six weeks.
      3. It works as advertised and is a great appetite suppressant and at the same time boosts overall energy levels.
      4. Phen375 targets only the fat tissues during metabolism and only burns away the fat tissues. It does not target muscle mass or lead to loss of muscles.

      The Cons of Phen375

      1. Headache, Dizziness, and Nausea have been reported in some users.
      2. Digestive issues such as abdominal cramps, upset stomach, and diarrhea are seen in a few people.
      3. People with heart problems, hypertension, and allergic reactions cannot take advantage of this supplement.
      4. Since Phen375 contains a few amounts of stimulants, it is advised that people with cardiovascular issues should stay away from it.

      How to buy Phen375

      Since Phen375 is made using only natural ingredients; there is no need for a prescription before buying it. Therefore, Phen375 can be purchased directly from the company’s website or from any website which has been affiliated by the company. Coming to its price, a bottle of Phen375 costs $65.95 which is enough for a thirty day supply. There are some additional offers available for the supplement wherein you can get two bottles for $131.90 plus an additional one for free and four bottles for $187.96 with an additional one for free.  


      With the comprehensive review of the Phen375 stated above, it goes to show that this very weight loss supplement does what it promises to do, and will not disappoint users. The fact that this weight loss supplement is made of only natural ingredients adds further value to it. As such whether you are someone who is looking to lose a couple of pounds or looking for a complete weight transformation, Phen375 is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals. Some things to keep in mind before making the purchase are to makes sure that you are healthy and non-allergic to any of the ingredients and also taking a look at some of the side effects before starting to consume it.




      This has been out Phen375 review, now see our review of Sugar Balance

      Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review | 2020 – Is It Really This Good?

      our unlock your hip flexors reviewThis is a program that helps you understand the importance of hip flexors and the advantages of having them healthy and flexible. The program consists of simple and easy-to-follow exercises with step-by-step instructions that tell you how to unlock your hip flexors. Our team at Healthreviewfairy did a comprehensive Unlock Your Hip Flexors review so you can know more.

      Review of Unlock Your Hip Flexors
      • Effectiveness
      • Ease of Use
      • Value for Money
      • Longevity of Results

      Quick Summary

      This program proves effective. If you’re a person who can closely follow the program and perform the tasks you will be guaranteed results.

      We think it’s a solid investment being that its relatively cheap and we’re glad to see they also offer a 60-day full money back guarantee.

      When it comes to a money back guarantee and a positively reviewed program, I say, go for it. There’s no risk and a lot to gain.

      Tight muscles can hold you back in many areas of your life. Our hip flexors affect our posture, energy, and athletic performance. This program is worth the little bit of effort required for really amazing results. Right now, click here to automatically revise the lowest price available.

      Read our Detailed Review of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Below

      unlock your hip flexors reviewOne of the main aspects that sets this program apart among other fitness and diet based programs is that it largely focuses on the hip flexors which is considered to be the main part of our body that helps in our movement from walking, running and sitting. Any kind of movement in our body is dependent on these muscles and any sprain or damage in these muscles can pose a big issue. So, it seems to be a very valuable tool to be able to unlock your hip flexors. Let’s dive deeper.

      When you are very fit and healthy it is rare to have an issue with these muscles, but in case you are experiencing obesity, immune problems, joint stiffness or soreness, issues sleeping or other problems that affect the body, then its very likely your hip flexors are tight and may be contributing these issues. This program is devised in a very easy to follow fashion with step-by-step instructions (something we love to see). It makes it so that even if you can’t get yourself to the gym, you can still get fit and healthy from the comfort of your home by doing these simple stretching exercises that help keep your hip flexors healthy and flexible all the time. Here at Health Review Fairy HQ we had two volunteers participate in a case study for our review. We measured the participant’s fitness based on the degree of their pelvic tilt, you’ll learn the importance of this through the program. pelvic tilt As stated below, the average healthy pelvic tilt measures between 6-13 degrees. Like so many people, our two participants were past the healthy range. Meet our volunteers;

      • Caroline V., 32 years old, 20-degree anterior pelvic tilt
      • Steven I., 44 years old, 18-degree anterior pelvic tilt

      Average healthy pelvic tilt in men and woman is between 6-13 degrees. Individuals with a pelvic tilt degree higher than the healthy range cause people to stand, walk, and sit differently. It also causes tightness and weakness of muscles which can lead to more serious health problems.

      Let’s learn a little more about the program then we will revisit our volunteers. Unlock Your Hip Flexors was created by Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal, two renowned professionals in their field with many years of experience with exercise and weight training. Rick Kaselj is a popular kinesiologist, (ki·ne·si·ol·o·gythe study of the mechanics of body movements) and has over 16 years of experience in consulting for sports-related injuries, fitness training and exercises. It sounds like he is the perfect guy for the job of helping to unlock your hip flexors. Rick also holds a master’s degree in exercise science and has plenty of experience in providing consultation and advice to many popular sports professionals, their focus being the prevention of injuries. He has been recognized by numerous publications and websites including Yahoo News, Iron Man Magazine, and many more.

      Creators of Unlock Your Hip Flexors

      Mike Westerdal is a fitness trainer, author and is also revered for his skilled consultation on various aspects of bodybuilding, muscle building and strength training. Additionally, he has many years of experience in teaching and has authored many books on many topics related to health and fitness issues. He now has his own website with thousands of subscribers. Through his website, Mike enlightens his subscribers on the importance of strength training and bodybuilding and also promotes various activities that help in these aspects.

      How can you benefit from the Program?

      This program contains a collection of 10 carefully selected videos that demonstrate the importance of hip flexor muscles along with exercise including PNF Stretching, Static Stretching, Dynamic Stretching, 3-Dimensional Core Stability Exercises, Mobility Exercises, Fascia Stretching, and Muscle Activation. When you start doing these exercises properly, you should immediately feel your hip muscles getting loosened up and sense increased flexibility and ease of movement in your body.

      This program will also teach you the importance of your hip flexor muscles and you will understand why they have such an impact on the movement of your entire body. These sets of exercises will have a greater impact on the whole muscle system and the joints in your body. Following this program will certainly change the way you walk, sit and all your postures for the better. To be frank, not everyone would have heard the word “hip flexors,” and could be hearing it for the first time here, even though it is considered to be an important part of your body, there isn’t much education about it in general. We suspect it because few experts have studied this muscle area to the point of understanding it well enough to teach others in an effective way as Mike and Rick have here.

      The hip flexors are a set of muscles present in the hip section of your body and are mainly responsible for the movement of your legs and assists in all kinds of physical movement. Any kind of impact in these joint could lead to a significant amount of pain and could hamper your movement.

      Why you need to take this program?

      If you’re like most people, you spend most or part of the day sitting which means that you are not moving your hip flexor muscles to a great extent. This makes these muscles rigid and tight and it may also cause them to tear with certain movements. To fix this, we need to loosen up those muscles which are at the core of most of our physical movements. According to several studies, it has been revealed that tight muscles is a major health issue and that is why you see athletes warm up before going on with their routine work. The coaches place a lot of importance on these warm-up sessions as they help in loosening the muscles so the athletes can provide better performance during a game, but even in our daily life, it is important to stretch our muscles to keep them healthy and strong as we move around the world.

      Do you feel a sense of enjoyment when you stretch your muscles after a hard day’s work or after a long drive? It feels good, it is a temporary comfort though. Imagine maintaining that sense of comfort throughout the day! This is where the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program comes in to play. As the exercises taught have been created by professionals with many years of experience in the field of strength training, fitness and bodybuilding, and all these methods have been tried and tested by thousands of people who had success with these program to a great extent, we really like the idea of following this program as opposed to going at unlocking your hip flexors on your own with no training. The usefulness of the program is evident and it seems a better investment for many people than a gym membership being its something they can follow from home trained by professionals, ensuring you are doing something that will contribute to your overall wellbeing.

      What’s included in the program?

      With the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, you stand to get a DVD that consists of 10 specially designed exercises that mainly focus on stretching your hip muscles,  keeping them healthy and strong. Along with the dvd, you also receive a 63-page full-fledged manual with loads of information about the importance of the hip muscles and the effect it has on affecting your overall movement etc. The manual also contains a step-by-step instruction about each of the 10 exercises with movements in pictures.

      You’ll also get some bonus items including:

      Bonus 1- Unlock your Hamstrings:

      unlock your hamstringJust like how our hip muscles are susceptible to damage, our hamstring muscles are also can be damaged easily. Both of these muscles often go unattended to, this can contribute to problems walking and running. Hamstring muscles present in our legs are responsible for leg movement and any damage to these muscles will be a severe problem.

      Generally, if your muscles are tight and rigid, then they are vulnerable to damage. It doesn’t matter whether you are an athlete, a stay at home mom, or a bodybuilder, if you face any kind of muscle tear problems, it could take months to heal and could cause serious problems, (not to mention, pain).

      In this internet era, many people make their living being seated in front of the computer for most or part of the day. Over time, these could make your muscles tighten in the hamstrings and alter your seating position into a poor posture.

      This Bonus DVD will provide you with exercises that largely focus on strengthening your hamstring and improving your muscle tissues. These hamstring exercises increase blood flow in the legs and strengthen your muscles. These specially designed routines not only help in improving your overall performance, but they also ease the pain in your lower back and allow you to sit in a correct posture that decreases the possibility of damaging your hamstring.

      Progress Results Chart of Our Product Test Participants Pelvic Tilt (measured in degrees) Before and During Use of Unlock Your Hip Flexors

      (Note, a healthy pelvic tilt in men and woman is between 6-13 degrees.)

      UYHF Product Testers Caroline V. Steven L.
      Anterior Pelvic Tilt Degree before  20 degree pelvic tilt 18 degree pelvic tilt
      4 Weeks Progress 16 degree pelvic tilt 15 degree pelvic tilt
      8 Weeks Progress 13 degree pelvic tilt 12 degree pelvic tilt
      12 Weeks Progress 11 degree pelvic tilt 9 degree pelvic tilt


      Progress Results Bar Graph Showing Changes in Our Product Test Participants Pelvic Tilt (measured in degrees)



      Bonus 2 – 7 Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet:

      unlock your hip flexors dietUnlock Your Hip Flexors has been specially designed to provide you with simple exercises to tone up your hip muscles and provide them with greater strength and flexibility. However, just focusing on your hip muscles alone will not guarantee the overall wellbeing of your body. If you combine these exercises with taking in a proper diet then you can naturally get away from all kinds of muscle tears, pains and aches, and joint pain. The diet you live on is one of the main causes of inflammatory issues that lead to the deterioration of your health.

      The 7-day Anti-inflammatory diet program provides you with information about choosing the right foods that would help your body to respond effectively against all kinds of inflammation and also help in increasing your body’s natural healing power. This bonus video provides you with the right kind of diet you need to eat every day along with other supplements and tips to help your body heal itself automatically from inflammation. You can see your body responding within 24 hours as it will initiate your body’s healing process and defends effectively against inflammation.

      • Created by professionals with many years of experience in this field
      • You can also acquire a PDF version through email if requested
      • You can see their official Facebook group has more than thousands of likes, which is itself a proof that the product is a huge success?
      • Ideal for people of all ages (Big +)
      • Exercises are simple and easy to follow
      • When compared with other fitness programs, this program is amazingly cheap
      • 60-day money back guarantee
      • Perfect for both Men and Women
      • Improves your sleep?
      • Improves your overall health performance ??
      • Some points are over-hyped, like a damage in hip flexors can ruin your life (although it can have a negative affect).
      • The program requires a commitment for optimum results

      60 Day Money back risk-free Guarantee

      Hip flexor tightness can cause problems for anyone and therefore this program is great for just about everyone. It is not that you only need to buy this after you are affected with some issue, you can also use it to make sure that you won’t face any problems in the future. This a proven formula with thousands of customers have benefited from this program and that is the reason the creators of this product have confidence enough to offer you a 100% risk-free money back guarantee. We really love that. 

      Anyone who really tries this can expect to see a positive improvement. If however, you feel that they are not satisfied with this product, then you just need to email your request for a refund and your money will be returned in full without any questions asked.

      Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

      Q: How long should I need to spend daily for this program?

      A: You just need to spend around 10-15 minutes daily for this program to see the positive results. You can also add these exercises after your regular gym exercises if you already have a fitness routine.

      Q: When can I expect to see some results?

      A: It largely depends on your body condition and current fitness level. Generally, it has been said that they can see good results after the first session itself and for some after the first couple of sessions.

      Q: Is this program suitable for everyone?

      A:  Yes, this program is suitable for both men and women of all ages and especially for people who are suffering from back pain and joint pains. The exercises are designed to be simple and easy to follow and people across all ages can benefit easily from this program.

      Q: When will I receive my videos?

      A: Since this product is a digital one, you can gain access to the videos and PDF immediately once you make your purchase. The links for the video and PDF will be sent to your email address following the order confirmation, make sure to use a valid email address.

      Q: Are the exercises tough?

      A: No, All the exercises including the bonus ones are specially designed to be easy and simple enough for beginners. People across all ages can perform all the stretches and exercises without issue.

      Q: Can I ask for a refund if it doesn’t work?

      A: This is a very popular product and we know lots of people love it. That being said, one of the things we love about it is that if you find it doesn’t work for you, you can always send an email for a refund within 60 days and your money will be returned in full?


      Did you enjoy our Unlock Your Hip Flexors review? Next, read our review on Medifast

      Yoga Burn Reviews UPDATED 2020 – What to Know BEFORE You Buy

      We’re calling into question this popular fitness program to see what it’s really all about. Yoga Burn is a yoga-based program that is specially designed and conceptualized for women to burn calories quickly and to maintain their new shape once attained.  Yoga Burn is a 12-week program that is presented in clear detail and is instructed by the renowned yoga instructor, Zoe Bray Cotton. Our team at Health Review Fairy took the liberty of reviewing every detail in our Yoga Burn Review below. Read on to see what we found.

      Review of Yoga Burn
      • Overall Effectiveness
      • Ease of Program
      • Longevity of Results
      • Customer Support
      • Value for Money

      Quick Summary

      If you are a woman looking for an easy to follow and detailed guide to improve your fitness at your own pace then you simply have to give Yoga Burn a try right away. With very easy to understand instructions, any beginner can follow the program. However, if you do find you need some help you can relax knowing that their great support staff is a call away. We’d say this program is a guaranteed success for those willing to follow along. On top of that, the company offers a 60-day full money back guarantee. Major points because this means they really believe in their program. Either the program works for you over 60 days, or you get a refund with no questions asked. I really appreciate it when company’s do that. To make it even a little sweeter, right now I have this coupon to get you the lowest available price automatically applied to your purchase when you click that link. Happy fitness!

      This program is comprised of three main stages. It starts with a beginner level and gradually moves towards the most advanced level. Women of all ages can participate in the Yoga Burn Challenge program. Once you complete this 12-week yoga challenge, it’s said you’ll feel that your body has loosened up and also become visually more toned. Here at we had four test participants who helped us with our review case study and their information is as follows;

      • Kara D., 21 years old, needed to lose 15 lbs
      • Mary C., 29 years old, needed to lose 26 lbs
      • Judy G., 46 years old, needed to lose 31 lbs
      • Mindy L., 38 years old, needed to lose 35 lbs

      We’ll review the results our volunteers experienced later on in the review. It’s important to know that Yoga Burn not only promotes health and weight-loss, but it is also said to help in improving your flexibility to a great extent. Now let’s take a closer look at this yoga-based program and see how it can help you to attain your ideal physical shape, flat belly and all! Let’s determine if this program is really for you.

      Is Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Burn worth the Money?

      Let’s be honest… we all want to know, is this worth your coin?
      First, be aware of the time commitment. 
      The 12-week yoga program consists of 3 phases and you’ll be asked to spend exactly four weeks to complete each phase, before progressing to the next phase. The videos provided for each phase come with an introduction video that describes every aspect of the training along with 3 workout videos for every phase. To their credit, all of the videos are brilliantly designed with clear instructions and with Zoe Bray Cotton being the instructor, you can be sure about your technique. She’s a great instructor and has been in the yoga field for many years, she knows exactly how to communicate with her students. The more time you dedicate to doing this program, your success rate will be higher and you can see results daily. So, in order for you to get the best value from this, it is necessary that you commit to the change.

      Apart from the workout videos, the Yoga Burn program also provides 4 Bonus videos that contain great tips and tricks along with some basic training on doing yoga poses that will largely help you in completing the program easily, effectively, and in the specified time. There are lots of products out there that come with flashy promises to burn fat, it appears that the Yoga Burn Challenge is a real program that can guarantee you success if you follow each and every instruction specified in the program. It isn’t too hard to do so as this program can be performed successfully even by beginners. We love that with Yoga Burn, you are not asked to take any pills or go on a diet, rather just spend an hour or two each day and burn those calories t0 return to your ideal weight. It constitutes a truly healthy lifestyle change and it is the type of product we like to recommend. yes check mark

      The short answer…

      So is who exactly is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

      Zoe bray cotton yoga burnZoe Bray-Cotton is a popular and bonafide yoga instructor with years of experience teaching yoga-based fitness programs. She’s also the brains behind the Yoga Burn Fitness Challenge. She is a personal trainer and a specialist in female body transformation programs. She has worked in many formats teaching all forms of yoga in schools, gymnasiums and fitness studios throughout North America. With loads of experience behind her, it’s stated she came up with the Yoga Burn fitness program to empower women to regain their lost fitness and additionally, lose their excess weight gained over the years and attain and maintain their perfect shape and size. That’s a bold claim, and we don’t doubt it. She has played a very key role in presenting the program in a simple and easy to follow way, using poses that even people without any basic knowledge of yoga can follow without difficulty. This really solidified Yoga Burn as a program we can recommend because of it not exclusive to those who are already fitness or yoga experts but rather gives you an opportunity to learn as you go.

      How will you benefit from Yoga Burn?

      Yoga is an ancient practice and is believed to have been created based on the ancient science of hatha yoga that helps you to improve your mental and physical strength in an amazing way. Some of the other benefits of yoga include:

        • Helps in reducing weight and promotes a lean body
        • Promotes good sleep
        • Increases your flexibility
        • Improves your muscle strength and tone
        • Boosts your energy levels
        • Improves blood flow
      • Enhances and balances your mood

      Now, let’s review the results our volunteers achieved using this program.

      Results Chart of Our Test Participants

      YB Review Participants Kara D. – age 21 Mary C. – age 29 Judy G. – age 46 Mindy L. – age 38
      Lbs to Lose 25 Lbs 26 Lbs 31 Lbs 35 Lbs
      30 Day Results 16 Lbs Left 18 Lbs Left 24 Lbs Left 26 Lbs Left
      60 Day Results 9 lbs Left 10 Lbs Left 15 Lbs Left 18 Lbs Left
      90 Day Results 4 Lbs Left 5 Lbs Left 8 Lbs Left 9 Lbs Left

      Results Bar Graph of Lbs Left to Lose Over Time Using Yoga Burn 

      How Does Yoga Burn Work?

      yoga burn info
      The Yoga burn challenge is a 12-week program mainly focused on yoga created to assist you in losing excess weight and to increase your over health and performance levels to a great extent. The program is divided into 3 phases and each phase lasts for 4 weeks. The 3 phases of the yoga burn challenge include:

      Phase 1 – Foundational Flow

      This is the first phase of the yoga burn challenge and it basically trains you to prepare for the program along with some of the basic yoga poses. You’ll also be trained on how to pose correctly and Zoe will help you in maintaining the pose with step-by-step instructions. She will then teach you how to work out these yoga poses with a gentle flow. This phase of yoga work out also teaches you how to breathe properly during your yoga sessions for better results.

      Additional tips in this phase:

        • How you can do the basic yoga poses and exercises
      • Teaches you to control and strengthen your core
      Phase 2 – The Transitional Flow Phase

      If the foundational flow is about learning the basic poses, the traditional flow phase is about how to gently move from one pose to another to create a sequence of poses. This phase also teaches you to combine and mix the poses you learned from phases 1 and 2 to maximize your calorie burning.

      Phase 3 – The Mastery Flow Phase

      This is the last and final phase of the program and the yoga instructor will teach you on how to masterfully combine all the poses learned through all the phases to form a specified yoga routine that will help you tone your body and effectively burn calories to improve and maintain your fitness.

      This phase of the program will help you in:

        • Strengthening your body
        • Increase your metabolism
        • Build lean muscles
        • Gain a flat belly
      • Burn fat & calories quickly

      Yoga Burn for Women Bonuses

      The Yoga Burn Challenge program provides you with bonus videos along with the workout videos for each of the 3 phases. These bonus videos help in enhancing your yoga workouts and can be done parallel to your regular phase workouts.

      Yoga Burn Bonus 1- Tranquility Flow

      yoga burn tutorials and quick startThe bonus video runs for around 15 minutes and teaches you the basic principles of restorative yoga. The primary goal of this video is to teach you how to relax and stretch your body in healthy ways. It also teaches you the importance of having a proper posture while sitting and walking. The 15 min video also teaches you poses for muscle relaxation and tools on how to de-stress yourself.

      Yoga Burn Bonus 2- Beginner Flow

      This is mainly for beginners who find it tough to understand or perform the basic poses of yoga at first. This video runs for around 45 minutes and moves at a slower pace. It comes with even more detailed step-by-instructions, this is a great video for beginners to enhance their yoga skills and learn how to do the poses that will help them in the next phases of the program.

      Yoga Burn Bonus 3- Pose Tutorials

      This is also a bonus video that concentrates only on the poses and provides step by step instructions on all the yoga poses. It provided tutorials and instructions on 21 yoga poses that is taught through all the phases of the program.

      Where to Buy Yoga Burn DVDs?

      Yoga Burn is usually not available on any other websites except on its official website. Click here for the lowest price automatically applied. You are provided with a 60-day money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the program within 60 days, you can get a complete refund. The yoga burn dvd’s comes with two price options in case you want to have one for yourself and give a gift to a friend at a discount.

      What is Dynamic Sequencing Yoga?

      According to Zoe, the Yoga Burn program is mainly based on dynamic sequencing, a technique that combines the yoga poses in a high-powered sequence which gets more advanced as you move across the levels allowing your body to adapt to the new exercises gradually. This helps you build a great shape you can maintain. This technique is widely acclaimed by many as it helps in increasing your muscle strength and your flexibility. Since the poses are sequenced in the correct order with the correct duration of time allotted for each pose, you can feel your body adapts to the program very quickly.

      Who will benefit from Yoga Burn Challenge?

      yoga burn challenge benefits

      The program is mainly designed to enable women to lose extra weight easily and effectively, to increase their flexibility and to firm up areas that pose problems. The Dynamic Sequencing technique is designed to assist both beginners and also people having experience in yoga. For beginners, the program enables you to adapt quickly and pushes you to improvise with tough poses until you become more experienced. Unlike other fitness programs, you don’t need to practice these yoga poses daily as according to Zoe, it is better to have three sessions every week and allowing each session to last for 45 minutes. You also have the bonus videos that can be practiced any time you’d like to go even more intensely into the program. Also, if you are looking to practice every day using the bonuses will help you master the poses and to see results that much more quickly.

        • Weight Loss
        • Better Sleep?
        • Promotes Flexibility
        • Enhances Performance and Muscle Strength?
        • Tones and Firms
      • Increases your Energy Levels 
      • The videos can be long due to the amount of detail in the training
      • Not for very advanced users
      • Must follow a schedule

      yoga burn dvd preview

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Yoga Burn Challenge Review – How Exactly Does This Program Work?

      Yoga Burn Challenge program is a huge success among women mainly because of the way it has been conceptualized and designed. Based on the Dynamic Sequencing program, the program combines poses in a sequence so that easy poses come in the initial phase of the program and gradually advance allowing your body to adapt. With this kind of high-powered sequencing, you can also slowly start grasping the correct postures and forms and start doing them in the proper way. You’ll master the art of yoga after the completion of the 3 phases of this program and will be able to lose a substantial amount of weight and get into better shape.

      Who can benefit from Yoga Burn Challenge?

      The Yoga Burn Challenge program is designed for women of all ages who have a problem with excess weight or who feel stressed out with their daily work schedule, and women looking to gain that perfect flat belly. This program doesn’t involve any kinds of pills or diet programs and you can go on having your normal food routine and only need to spend around 3 days a week with 45 minutes for each session.

      Is Yoga Burn good for pregnant women?

      Yoga Burn doesn’t involve any kind of weight training or harder level exercises so even pregnant women can participate in the program. In fact, joining the program will help them have more ease during their delivery and will also strengthen the body to ease their pain as well. And many women struggle to regain their fitness after they have their baby and Yoga Burn is a great choice to help them regain and recover their lost strength and also to shed the excess weight. (Moreover, all these exercises can be done easily from the comfort of your home – perfect for pregnant mommies or busy ladies).

      How is Yoga Burn is different from yoga classes?

      Yoga Burn is totally different from yoga classes as it is designed specifically to maximize fitness and weight loss. You don’t need to sweat it out in a yoga studio since these exercises can be easily done from your home. Not the mention, nowadays yoga sessions are priced much higher and with Yoga Burn you get to train for around 12 weeks for an unbelievably low price. Considering the price that you would be paying for almost 3 months for classes in a yoga center, yoga burn is a fantastic value. Since the Yoga Burn challenge is specially designed for women, it provides them with the maximum your chances of burning fat and calories quickly. Based on the Dynamic Sequencing technique, each and every pose has been specially designed to provide amazing benefits to the women.

      Is any warranty provided?

      Yes, it’s rare that we will recommend a program that comes without a warranty.  In this case, the Yoga Burn Challenge program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee that allows you to get a complete refund of your money should you find you are not satisfied with the program. Your money will be returned in full within 48 hours of you placing the request. We so appreciate companies who stand by their product.

      Is the program hard?

      No, it has been designed in a way that even absolute beginners and people without any knowledge of yoga can participate and achieve success from the program easily. It’s designed in such a way that the starting phases have poses that are easier to learn and gradually advance to tougher poses as the program moves through the levels. If you still feel that the poses are difficult, not to worry, the videos provide you with a lot of extra options to enable you to adjust the poses based on your current fitness levels.

      Are there any offers available?

      Yes! Right now the deal on this is in-cred-ible. The basic pack comes to under $40 with coupon and that provides you with a set of videos for all the 3 phases along with bonus videos. The special offer package provides you with 2 sets of all of these videos in case you want to send the yoga challenge to your friend so you can transform your bodies together. We Love this low low price! Click here to get the deal. 


      or, you can click here to get the best possible price on yoga burn now

      Thank you for reading!


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      Do you need hormone balancing? See this holistic Dr-created program

      Lean Belly Breakthrough Review – UPDATED 2020 | The Details You Want

      our review of lean belly breakthroughLean-Belly Breakthrough is a weight loss program developed by Bruce Krahn. He claims that it is one of the most efficient weight loss programs and says that all that you need is a few types of foods and five simple body movements to help you to shed a pound of belly fat (at least) in every single day.  Let’s dive into our comprehensive Lean Belly Breakthrough Review. Visit our home page at HRF to see more reviews.

      • Overall Effectiveness
      • Ease of Use
      • Longevity of Results
      • Customer Support
      • Value for Money


      The bottom line: Through our investigation we have concluded that this product is in fact effective for those individuals in their 20’s-50’s in need of losing weight particularly fat around this midsection.

      Things we like include the easy to follow program, the drastic outcomes people are seeing, and the fact that they back their product with a 60-day money back guarantee. So, it works for you, or you get a full refund. We love companies like that.

      For those who are willing to follow along with the program, they will be guaranteed results. To join the many others who have already transformed their bodies through the use of LBB click here and get the lowest available price. Happy fitness!

      Many people know about Lean Belly Breakthrough, which is designed to target fat loss goals, this is the perfect choice for overweight women and men across different age groups. This program helps to get rid of excess fat and subsequently helps prevent dangerous health issues. Before we get into more information on LBB (Lean Belly Breakthrough), let’s meet the three participants in our LBB case study;

      • Betty R., 39 years old, 25 lbs to lose
      • Carina T., 22 years old, 19 lbs to lose
      • Krissa L., 29 years old, 30 lbs to lose

      Read Our Comprehensive Review of Lean Belly Breakthrough

      To be precise, if you are around thirty-five years old and want to lose extra fat around your midsection and belly, the Lean Belly Breakthrough program is very likely a great option for you.  The program provides not only offers a comprehensive product but they also have outstanding customer support. They provide a 60-day money back guarantee policy, in case you don’t like the product for any reason. (Always something we look for in product we review). (++)

      belly fat lossThis shows that the company stands completely behind their product. LBB is an entirely drug-free program and it helps you lose weight safely and to improve and maintain your overall health. If you are looking for longevity and a healthier lifestyle, you can get this 90 percent off coupon applied to your purchase automatically when you click the provided link (and get more benefits on top of that). 

      LBB provides a digital e-book that can be downloaded for free, and it is not just an instructional manual, it is more than that, it claims to help every adult individual who is suffering from extra and stubborn belly fat.  Here you will find the most in-depth review on this product so that you can use this program if you want to lose your extra belly fat safely.

      Most of the LBB program was created by the wellness coach called Bruce Krahn. He has 15-years of experience in this field. A few main topics contained in the LBB program include:

      • Synopses of good foods that are helpful to your body and can aid you in getting rid of the extra belly fat 
      • A chart of different supplements from flavors, nourishment, and herbs that affect the hormones that make the body to store fat
      • Outline of awful drinks and foods that may cause serious health issues or progress of present ones (you’d be surprised what made the list!)
      • Basic explanation on the best method to help your digestion while you are resting (majorly important)
      • Dr. Heinrick’s method of removing fat in different parts of the body
      • A gradual, easy-to-follow exercise program programmed to be performed every day
      • Methods and techniques on how to keep the goal in the mind and get rid of belly fat and any other related health issues
      • A personal chart for you to keep track of movement to see how you progress

      About the creator:

      lbb creator bruce krahn Bruce Krahn is the developer of Lean Belly Breakthrough. He created this program after he went through a traumatic situation where his father-in-law had a heart attack while on a plane. He went to Dr. Heinrick and prompted him to create a two-minute daily program. Bruce Krahn said that his father-in-law lost over nine pounds of belly fat in just three subsequent days on performing the two-minute daily program. Also, in just one month, he lost around thirty pounds.  Seeing this tremendous change in his father-in-law, he developed this program so that many more could benefit from this outstanding technique and help themselves lose belly fat with a simple process.

      How does The LBB Program Work?

      The original claim made by the developer about the LBB program is that it is expected to cut one to three pounds of belly fat in less than 14-days.  The best part of this LBB program is that it limits your body’s use of bad cholesterol. The prescribed drinks and foods in the weight loss program are mostly modified to increase the amount of calories burned to help sustain a high level of comfort and health.

      LBB looks to destroy the build-up of toxic substances in the body.  Currently, people from all over the world are having trouble with these harmful toxins and the worst part is, they become stored in the body. These toxins come from certain foods, drinks, and contamination in the air. It is very important to detox your body so that you can de-conjest and shed extra weight. LBB also helps you control your blood sugar for those people who are experiencing type-2 diabetes.  Taking control of blood sugar levels helps to ensure that your body has a regularly stabilized energy level.

      The LBB program helps keep the users focused and active the entire day.  It is a known fact that a healthy and active body is an energized body. The LBB program helps manage stress level and improves the production of the feel-good hormones.  Individuals using the program have shown tremendous positive results, they say they have improved their personal satisfaction and their quality of life.

      Who is LBB For?

      It is for those individuals who want to lose their belly fat. This program is designed to help people achieve their weight loss goals quickly and easily. Also, this program has been recognized as being suited for not just young people but also for an older crowd. It seems to be effective for people of different age groups.

      People who are currently experiencing excess belly fat are the ones who can benefit most from the program as they can utilize it to the full extent of what it is meant for.  Research shows that belly fat is a health risk and it may lead to various other health issues if not addressed in a timely manner. Anyone can get fit! With the use of LBB, you can lose weight without going through potentially severe surgeries, you can avoid self-starvation and counting calories, and you can forget about harmful chemicals or drugs. Great stuff!

      Raving Testimonials

      Here is the Results Chart for Our Lean Belly Breakthrough Product Test Participants


      LBB Test Participants Betty R. – age 39 Carina T. age 19 Krissa L. age 29
      Lbs Overweight 25 Lbs Left 19 Lbs Left 30 Lbs Left
      30 Day Results 16 Lbs Left 13 Lbs Left 22 Lbs Left
      60 Day Results 9 Lbs Left 8 Lbs Left 13 Lbs Left
      90 Day Results 4 Lbs Left 2 Lbs Left 7 Lbs Left


      Results Bar Graph for Our Lean Belly Breakthrough Product Test Participants 


      Main Features of The Lean Belly Breakthrough Program:

      • Allows you to lose over thirty pounds in just a month without any tough exercises or use of unsafe medication. 


      • Provides the best fat removing methods to facilitate weight loss and help you to avoid the build-up of cholesterol.


      • Offers you a whole recap of foods, spices, and herbs to facilitate you in balancing and maintaining your hormonal levels so that you can obtain good health and well-being while reaching a healthy weight.


      • Allows you to observe what a healthy everyday routine will be like


      • Teaches methods proven to improve your metabolism


      • The program integrates a two-minute method you can apply every day that is easy to perform, making it one of the fastest and easiest ways to lose belly fat.

      LBB Reactions and Side Effects:

      lose belly fat imageAccording to reports, no LBB users have complained of any negative side effects. The basic point of the program is to help you to take control of your eating habits, doing so generally causes very positive results. You learn how to eat more healthy foods and it gives you the strength to keep away from those foods that increase your belly fat.  It helps you maintain a distance from the food and in the process helps you lose weight quickly. They include food choices and exercises that will help you meet your fat loss and weight loss goals. The best thing about this program is, it’s very low stress as it is a simple program that does not include any drugs or severe side effects and it still helps people lose fat and create a healthier lifestyle overall.

      What do you like about the LBB Program?

      We love the 60-day 100 % money back guarantee. This makes it a completely risk-free way to potentially outstanding results. If you’re a person who wants to lose excess belly fat you can and should give this a shot and just in case you are not satisfied with the results you can easily receive a full refund.
      lean belly breakthrough approved Easy to follow:  The LBB program integrates fundamental techniques that any individual can follow with ease. The exercise program is simple and easy to keep up with every day. The diet is simple, in fact, it is very basic. It’s hard to find any excuse not to try this program as it is easy to follow and easy to maintain.
      Suits nearly every individual: Lean Belly Breakthrough proves to be a program that is suitable for anyone who has stubborn belly fat to shed. It can safely be used by any individual who wants to lose their belly fat and who wants to try out the program.  (The information includes, foods to eat and exercises to perform. These exercises are easy for men and women of all ages to do. It is a great program that can help people to become healthier and happier with their appearance. 

      Works long haul: Longevity is key. We like that this program addresses the natural original cause of the issue related to belly fat.  It could be due to this that this program delivers long-lasting results for people. Once you reach your weight loss goals you can simply continue the routine and have enduring results. The program is simple to follow and easy to maintain.

      It’s solid: The developer of the program, Bruce Krahn, has 15-years of experience as a fitness coach and he has spent much of that time helping popular celebrities get and stay in shape. Additionally, the information offered by the LBB program is unique and offers value.
      Extra tips: The creator shares some of the most remarkable hints he’s discovered during his 15-years of experience.  The integrated food plans that are enjoyable and delicious. According to reports, the LBB program is nine-steps ahead of its competitors.
      • Helps you lose belly fat quickly
      • Uses 100 percent integrated strategies and methods to effectively allow you to lose unwanted belly fat in an easy way
      • This program is a good investment
      • The creator of the program is careful to answer all questions
      • Following the LBB program helps you control diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and more
      • You can only download the program. You don’t get a hard copy.
      • It does take some commitment for great results

      Safe and healthy wealthy loss:

      It is very important that when you are trying to lose weight that you should learn how to do it in the right way. It is suggested that an individual should lose one to three pounds per week. This type of weight loss allows you to maintain and improve upon the transformation and keep-off the weight. It is overall much better for your long term weight loss and health.

      This program helps you to lose your belly fat in a healthy way.  We all know that crash diets are unhealthy and the results don’t last. It combines the best and most efficient methods of losing weight and.

      Lean-Belly Breakthrough program is a safe and effective program that will help you let go of the excess fat around your belly and other areas of the body with simple diet and exercise changes that can be implemented daily.


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      Fat Diminisher Investigation (2020) – Health Review Fairy

      The people and the media are obsessed with weight-loss. is on the case delivering you another review on this must-see product. The subject of weight-loss is an everyday topic which has seeped into our routine. Whether it is interacting with people or going through your news feed, there is a guarantee that somehow new’ information on a weight-loss program or an advert on the ‘latest’ weight-loss program makes its way into our lives. But let’s face it, we know they never work, and unless you have dieticians and personal chefs working around the clock for you, the summer body that you crave for is a long lost dream. Besides vanity, weight-loss is a problem that leads to a whole new array of problems which includes obesity, diabetes, and heart-related problems. Most of this leads to early death, and it’s no wonder that the mortality rate of human beings decreases every year. 

      So the question remains, is there a weight-loss program which really works? We have all been there, we have tried exercising (which is difficult to fit in our busy daily schedules), we have tried diet pills and even crazier diet plans. But despite the methods, the belly fat just won’t budge. You still have the embarrassing muffin-top, and you can’t go to the beach without feeling insecure. The trip to the doctors is still a horror show, and there is this constant discomfort of being overweight, and there is nothing that you haven’t tried and nothing that you can do about it.

      This is not any other article that is trying to sell you a product, nor is it a scam that would rob you of your money. But before we delve further into the subject, let’s look at the little history of how the ‘Fat Diminisher’ came into being.


      Fat Diminisher has its humble beginnings in the form of a 25-page binder which held the secrets of Thai diets that encouraged weight-loss. It not only promotes weight-loss but it improves cell regeneration, removes free radicals from the body, and improves the overall health of the body. As mentioned earlier, the problem of being overweight could lead to an array of problems like obesity, heart problems, diabetes, and even cancer. So, in a way, weight-loss programs are not just for the cause of fitting into that dress but mostly because of the underlying health problems that come with being over-weight. 

      It all started when a US soldier was in Iraq and was tasked with training the men and women in getting them ready for the physical test. Despite the various methods that were incorporated during the training which included drinking lots of water, staying away from desserts, cutting carbs and exercising to the maximum, needless to say, there were just no results. The trainer even went to the lengths of hiding the salt to prevent the soldiers from eating excessive salt. Regardless of all the restrictions, the results that they wanted to see evaded them. And on top of that, time was running out as the day for the physical fitness test came nearer and nearer. But the trainer came across a 25-page blue binder, which was presented to him by his friend. That binder contained the secret to weight-loss, and although this may all seem like a story that is conjured up, it is true. It has instructions for diet-plans which would promote weight-loss. These diet-plans were actually surprising because it contained foods which were normally not encouraged to eat for people who were trying to lose weight. It also contained herbs and spices which we use in our daily lives and which are not hard to come by. And the best part is that desserts are allowed. So the plan from the binder was given to the trainers in which they were supposed to follow it over the weekend. Come Monday, all of those people who went home with the plan were excited because they could all feel the changes in their bodies. It was baffling but what you see is what you get. 

      And here is the part where we learn about the creator of Fat Diminisher.


      The trainer who was responsible for the people that lost weight is known by the name of Wes Virgin. He was very surprised by the results as most weight-loss programs are just bogus. And like the majority of people, he was skeptical at first, but he managed to do his own research. In which he found that the diet plan was followed by most of the Asian countries which included Thailand as well. Upon researching further, he found that Thailand has the people with the least number of obese people and people lived longer as well. This was no co-incidence as statistics are never wrong. Nevertheless, he decided to try the plan on his troops and voila! It actually worked. Some people even went on to lose a pound each day! But what really prompted him to make this available to the public was because of an incident that happened at their camp when it was under attack. There was this uncertainty of life and death that unfolded before him. And at that moment, he felt like he did not fulfill the purpose of his life in which he thought that his purpose in life was to help others. But how? The binder came to his mind! Because it was already tried and tested and it had worked as well. So he vowed from then and there that if he survived the night, he would go back home and help people that were suffering from weight problems. And that was exactly what he did. 


      The Fat Diminisher Program does not have any strict laws and does not require a person to starve which most diet-plans require. The plan has various categories which include a weight-loss program which can stretch for a 60-day period or if somebody is looking for a quick fix, there is a plan for a 4-day belly churn program as well. As mentioned earlier, this plan does not contain any strict diet and rituals, but it contains a mix of herbs and spices which we use in our daily lives and can be found easily as well. It also contains tips on which vegetables and food to avoid as well. Most people would be surprised to learn that most foods which are deemed unworthy for people who are trying to lose weight are actually safe to eat. For people who are not looking to lose weight can find plans and diets for better health, skin and overall function of the body. The plan includes plans that promote cell regeneration and rejuvenation, detoxifies the body of free radicals and heavy metals. It promotes rigor and sexual health as well. 

      Apart from all of that, people those who have followed this plan have admitted to feeling more energetic and have seen an improvement in health as well. Not only that, it has aided in bringing down the cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure too. 

      Overall we can say that Fat Diminisher promotes vitality, good health, and good life.


      Let’s face it, by the time we hit our 30’s there is just nothing that we can do about that belly fat and the muffin top. Your arms and legs may still retain the shape but whatever crazy diet you follow or whatever diet pills you pop in or the weight-loss tea that you drink, we know that the results are futile. So it is safe to assume that the program is targeted for people of 35+ age who are struggling with being overweight.

      Apart from that, this program can be followed by anyone who is suffering from diabetes, obesity and heart-related problems. Most of the problems that arise from those diseases can be avoided by mitigating weight which is simply not easy. With some people being unable to exercise, it is simply not an option. So, therefore, the ‘Fat Diminisher’ plays an important role for people those who are going through those problems as well.

      The other group that the ‘Fat Diminisher’ targets are the people who are interested in living a life free from health worries. As prevention is always better than cure, the right diet is the key to having a healthy and fulfilled life. With plans that promote cell regeneration, vitality and flushing out toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals, this plan is surely set to attract fitness addicts.


      1. The Fat Diminisher promises to give results for those who are looking to lose weight drastically. It contains plans and diets that encourage rapid weight loss with as much as losing one pound per day.

      2. It contains various concoctions of herbs and spices that promote the burning of fats, especially from the belly area. This, in turn, lowers the cholesterol levels and prevents any heart-related diseases. 

      3. The whole plan is set to appeal to all people as it does not rely on starving oneself. Starving oneself is a misconception as it is during this time that people deprive their bodies of proteins and good carbohydrates which are required to burn fats and to increase muscle mass. But since starvation blocks all of those ideal requirements, the body goes into a mode where it simply cannot work. This plan strives to turn the tables by promoting the consumption of food which would at the same time help with the loss of fats and in turn lose weight.

      4. Besides losing weight, it removes all the unwanted materials in the body like toxins, free radicals, heavy metals. It also rejuvenates the cells and repairs them from the inside out. This helps the person not only in losing weight but gaining a youthful look as well. It also improves sexual vitality as well, which is a win-win situation.


      1. IT WORKS: The first reason is the most obvious because it simply works! There are pieces of evidence to support these claims, and one can look them up online for proof.

      2. COST-EFFICIENT: It actually costs about $287 which is considered steep by most people. But if that price is compared to the thousands and thousands of dollars that one spends on personal trainers and diet pills, it is actually a bargain. But then again, the whole program is available for a discounted price of $37 for a limited time.

      3. GUARANTEE: In order for a product to hold their weight, people often look for guarantees. With this package, there is a 60-day challenge or a money back guarantee. So, a person has a full 60 day where he/she can try out the program to see if there are results. If there are no results, or if the plan is not at all appealing, the person can ask for a refund which will be immediately refunded in their bank accounts.  

      4. EASE OF ACCESSIBILITY: Once the money is paid for, a person need not wait for days for the book to arrive. As soon as the payment is made, a person can choose to download the plan. It can be downloaded to one’s PC, mobile phone or tablet and can print it if one chooses to do it or can be accessed by one of those peripherals. 

      5. LONG-TERM RESULTS: The best part about following this plan is that the effects are long-term. Once a person begins to see results, he/she can be sure that the effects will be long-term and there is no way that it will get reversed. Even for people who have reverted heart-diseases or obesity or cholesterol levels, one can be safe from those problems returning.

      6. NO SIDE-EFFECTS: Most diet pills cause headaches, insomnia, accelerated heart-beats among a lot of problems because the chemicals actually trick the brain into thinking that the body is not hungry. In then, this deprives the body of nutrition which gives rise to a lot of problems. Meanwhile, ‘Fat Diminisher’ is a plan that includes a program that includes herbs and spices and food items which are not harmful to the body without the aid of any chemical components. So there is this certainty, that there will be no side-effects causes, in fact, people have informed that they have slept better and have felt better. 



      AGE 40 52 38
      LBS OVERWEIGHT 37 22 30




      1. It relies on 100% natural methods which include eating food which we eat daily and are organic. The diet plan also includes herbs and spices which are a part of our daily lives and which are also accessible easily. The approach to this program is natural and organic and contains no chemical compounds.

      2. Besides being all natural, it is also effective as well. Because of the various weight-loss programs that are available worldwide and in a plenty amount, it is understandable if people are skeptical of it. But the whole plan is effective because it has been tried and tested and also one can refer to the chart above.

      3. If a person is not sure about the product but yet is curious about it and wants to try it out, there is a 60-day guarantee attached during the purchase of this plan. This means that a person gets to try out the Fat Diminisher for a full 60 days and if he/she is not happy about it, that person can always ask for a refund. 

      4. The best part is yet to come, as the program does not rely on strict diets and regimens. The program mostly guides a person to avoid the foods that are not the best for people who are struggling with weight. Also, the program allows desserts and all types of food which we normally consider as guilty pleasures. 

      5. The program does not only help with weight loss, but it also aids good skin because the diet promotes skin regeneration and rejuvenation. It flushes out all sorts of toxins which are poison to the skin and removes free radicals and heavy metals. People suffering from acne can also benefit from this program as it clears up acne as well giving way to smoother and brighter skin altogether. 

      6. Besides the loss of weight and good skin from the ‘Fat Diminisher’ program, users can also experience wellness of life. It boosts mental activity, and people can say goodbye to lethargy, inactivity, and tiredness. There will be no more complaints of feeling tired all the time and running out of energy. It also boosts sexual vigor and vitality which can enhance one’s romantic life as well. 

      7. It is extremely cheap and cost-effective for a discounted price of $37. 


      1. Some people can experience massive weight-loss which can sometimes be a problem. So it is only fair to check and review which plan a person is required to follow before starting a diet.

      2. As it has been mentioned above that this program can reverse various problems that are related to being overweight like diabetes, cancer, and heart-problems, this can in no way replace medical attention though. A person is still required to go to the doctor for seeking medical check-up and prescriptions as the ‘Fat Diminisher’ is solely made to help people with weight issues. The other factors are additional bonuses that come with weight-loss. 


      With the present scenario of the world, more and more people are victims of being over-weight because of the lifestyle and food habits. And because of that, it has given rise to a multitude of problems like an increased number of heart patients and increased diagnosed cases of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer. So at this time, there is a reason for people to be obsessed with weight-loss but can we really blame them? Not all people have the luxury of having a personal trainer, a dietician or a chef following around obsessing about our weights and not to mention; they cost a fortune as well. But the ‘Fat Diminisher’ program can act as all three and even more by providing a path to enjoy life as it comes with good health. The instructions that come with the book are easy to follow and all beginners can rest-easy. Besides being easy to understand, it is also cheap as well which is a way of telling the people that this program is not intended for making money off them but to give them a real chance at living the life that they deserve.

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